Welcome to our latest Somali Business Review vol 14 -issue 1-2
Jul 13

Welcome to our latest Somali Business Review vol 14 -issue 1-2

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world economy, health, education, airline industry, and many more aspects. It brought unprecedented disruption to global job markets. Millions of people lost their jobs globally while millions of others are concerned about the growing disruption and transformation of the world of work. The unemployment rates of Somali young graduates are increasing gradually every year. Many students believe that even it is very difficult to land the existing job opportunities because of the vast tribalism, unclear recruitment process, and the personal, rather than general, interest of some of the business owners in the country.

 The role of data analytics grew from financial focus to the whole business focus. There are many sources for data acquisition. Businesses use the information to make better decisions, improve the processes and operations of the organization. Corporations have a legal and moral obligation to both their employees and their investors to ensure that the company is both profitable and law-abiding. There are three alternatives to start a business: develop your own business, buy an existing one or franchise the business, and each one has its pros and cons. Before you choose your business category you have to study and understand the needs, requirements, advantages, and disadvantages of each one. Bad debt can lead to bankruptcy or mistrust of the business. There are ways to remove or minimize this problem. The business can eliminate uncertainty and the issue of bad debts in their business and business owners should have a clear business policy and the procedure for managing the business’s credit. Technology has a significant impact on how businesses are conducted. Technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that can help you make money and achieve good results regardless of the size of your business. The computers, mobiles, applications, and network infrastructure developed in an advanced way have transformed and accelerated society’s lives, works, handles businesses, and structures entire industries.

This issue of Volume 14 covers a wide range of articles that addresses the impact of Covid-19 on the Somali economy, business analytics, entrepreneurship, and corporate governance, how to find a business, bad debt and its solution, business and technology, information systems strategies, uncovering job opportunities, and many more.

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Somali Business Review Volume 14 Issue 1-2 (Jan-Jun 2021)

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