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SIMAD Offices

Areas of ResponsibilitySIMAD OfficeInquiries
1. Recruitment of domestic students
2. Open Campus, request for materials
3. Student status (leave of absence, withdrawal etc.)
4. Transcripts
Admissions OfficeAdmissions@simad.edu.so
Student Support
(1) Certificates
(2) Scholarships
(3) Tuition
(4) Extracurricular Activities
(5) Clubs, student volunteer opportunities
(6) Culture weeks
Student Affairs Office
1. Course Registration
2. Graduation Requirement Confirmation Sessions
3. Class Absences (Illness / Injury or Bereavement)
4. Final Exams, Midterm exam, Re-exam and Supplementary Exams
5. Graduate Students
6. Libr /ary
Academic OfficeAcademics@simad.edu.so
1. IT support
2. System malfunctions
ICT Officeict@simad.edu.so
1. Alumni Association
2. Social outreach
3. Campus tours
Public Relations OfficePr@simad.edu.so
1. On-campus lost-and-found
2. Visitor parking
Security Guide Office
FeeFinance Office