The Impact of ICT on Supply Chain Management Efficiency and Effectiveness: A LiteratureReview

Information Technology and Communication (ICT) has become an essential aspect of supply chain management (SCM) that helps improve the organization’s performance. Moreover, implementing ICT will enhance the performance of supply chain management. Many companies seek to improve their supply chain management effectiveness through ICTs. ICT innovations are creating new ways for companies to manage their supply relationships with and access suppliers. Hence, using ICT can improve supply chain activities [1]. ICT’s effect on the SCM process can be seen in different ways that make a company more competitive, such as a shorter response time, better logistics management, better collaboration between the upstream and downstream for better demand forecasting, and establishing international vertical
integration across the Company’s divisions. According to several studies, an ICT-enabled supply chain process that includes control technology and sensing tools can significantly contribute to making supply chain operations more environmentally friendly. Full text…….

Authors: Hussein Osman Abdullahi and Ibrahim Hassan Mohamud