The Forthcoming Election of Students Government
Oct 12

The Forthcoming Election of Students Government

The election of student government (XAJSi) is a custom to SIMAD students. It can be described analogically as a federal election for how it mesmerizes and effects the environment. This Forthcoming of the Students Government Election was relatively apathetic on the side of presidential candidates, but the two other positions are very competitive. Commonly, election always has excitement, and at the same time its hysteric.

The Presidential Election of the Student Government will be conducted on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, at both Main Campus and Gahair Campus. All students will have an opportunity to cast their ballot and vote who they want to be elected. The presidential debate between candidates will be held on Monday, October 12, 2020, at the University’s main Hall. All presidential candidates will have an opportunity to promote their strategical philosophies and agendas and why they should be elected.

Each year, from 2015 till now SIMAD University holds elections for students to elect their representative on the student body. This association represents the interests of students as a means of communication with faculty and administration. It also provides an array of diverse activities throughout the year in which all students are encouraged to engage. Besides that, the ultimate goal of the election is to promote firsthand leadership skills and governance to the student. 

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