The Biography of Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sumait
Aug 19

The Biography of Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sumait

His full name is Dr. Abd Al-Rahman bin Hamood Al-Sumait, he was born and raised in Kuwait in 1947. Most of his popular professions were include Islamic scholar, medical practitioner but he dedicated the most of his time to the humanitarian. He will be remembered for his brilliant efforts to build hundreds of orphanages, schools, mosques, and amazingly inspired 11 million Africans to convert to Islam.

Dr. Sumait founded and co-founded countless Islamic organizations including,

  • Branch of the Muslim Physicians Society, United States of America and Canada 1976, East Canada Branch
  • Montreal branch of the Muslim Students Society, 1974-1976
  • Malawi Muslims Committee – Kuwait 1980
  • Kuwaiti Relief Committee
  • International Islamic Charity Authority – Kuwait
  • International Islamic council for Call and Relief – Kuwait
  • Charity Rescue Society – Kuwait
  • African Muslims Committee, 1981 – 1999
  • Direct Aid, 1999 – 2008 Member of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society – Kuwait
  • Al Kawther Magazine, 1984 until his passing
  • Islamic Call Organization – Sudan
  • Science and Technology University – Yemen
  • Charity Work Studies Center – Kuwait

At the age of 35, he moved to Africa and dedicated 29 years of his life to better the lives of millions of Africans to help them access for the education. He played a key role in the battle against hunger, and illiteracy.

In 1981 he founded the African Muslim Agency later renamed DirectAid which he served as the chairman from 1981 to 2008. This organization operates in forty countries and it supports the people suffering from Economical and social crises. published an article about this legendary soul and summarized his main activities as the follows.

  • 9,500 orphans supported
  • 95,000 students financed
  • 5,700 mosques
  • 200 training centers for women
  • 860 schools
  • 4 universities
  • 102 Islamic centers
  • 9,500 wells
  • 51 million Qur’ans distributed
  • 7 million people reverted to Islam at his hands, Including priests and bishops.

Dr. Sumait passed away in 2013 but his legacy remains active. May his soul rest in paradise. The story of this Muslim Icon is available on the internet. Finally, we are very proud and thankful that SIMAD University is a part of the efforts of Dr. Sumait.

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