Sep 17


The Orientation Week for the newly admitted students organized by the Students’ Affairs Office was officially closed today. The Rector of SIMAD University, Mr. Dahir Hassan Abdi welcomed the class of 2020 to the University.

The orientation started on Saturday, September 3, 2016, and the newly admitted students were given great presentations of the important aspects of the University from academics rules, administrative offices, resources, payment procedures, exam issues, and campus activities. The orientation plays a key significant role of the students’ transitional process to the university.

Since the new semester has recently started, the Rector of the University provided a welcoming speech to the new students and appreciated their curiosity to study at SIMAD University. The Rector shared the new students that the University is aimed at serving the students to realize their dreams and equipping them better for their future perspective careers.

“Shaping the future professionals is part our vision. We’re always thrilled at producing well-educated, well-trained and responsible citizens. After years later, you’ll be joining to thousands of our alumni who have made successful achievements and contributions in both private sector and public sector through their intellects, management, and creativity,” Dahir Arab said.

The Rector briefed the long history of the University from an institute level to a full-fledged university and the future progress- the University is visioning. The Rector also introduced the recently launched English program which is a mandatory requirement for new students enrolling at SIMAD University.  “We need to produce exemplary students who are both excellent at academics and communication skills that set apart from their fellow graduates”, Dahir Arab said.

In addition, Ustad Dahir had the opportunity to share and also welcome the new students to ‘SIMAD Family’. He explained why it’s called a ‘Family’. He said,

“Since there is a good and satisfactory relation among a family- from parents to kids, the same applies to SIMAD family. Love, unity and ongoing support are what SIMAD family stands”.

He added: “None of our students had dropped out the University for a financial need, and that’s why we’re ONE family; we help each other.”

Finally, the Rector officially announced that the applications of the new students are successfully accepted. He encouraged the students to show their talents, take a time to personally develop their skills, befriend with the University’s academic resources and be responsible for keeping the honor and reputation of the University.

Welcome to the University of people's choice, where your long journey starts! 

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