Student Services

Complaint Handlings:

The office collects the complaints from students, relating to system, lecturers, exams, thesis and environment as whole. The office will look into the complaints and seeks solutions to address the problems. In collaboration with faculty deans, the student’s affairs’ office will provide technical support and puts in place mechanism to keep the complaint at highest priority if the complaint made is based on facts.


The student may experience problem alone the course of the education, therefore they may underperform in reaction to psychological problem, personal hard times, they may face, or academic problems, the office wishes to provide the necessary counseling to students regardless whether they are academic related or psychological. The primary focus for the office is the academic problems, whereby the office concentrates to ensure students make improvement on areas where they think they have weaknesses.  In light of the students’ performance, the office makes necessary recommendation for the students to engage into further enhancement classes to improving his or her performance.

Enhancement Program:

The office will make decision, on areas of improvement. The office uses the available resources to handle students’ problems. The techniques employed include, finding talented students to act as tutors and help other peers to understand subjects considered difficulty. The deans of the faculties will give suggestions on areas the students demand assistances for, based on their recommendations, the office acts, to ensure the student’s needs are covered immediately.

Student Welfare:

The welfare unit will deal with issues regarding the general welfare of students, the university works for the community in general and the poor in particular. The primary goal is to help students who in need, the disabled, the traumatized students at SU. The office sets the criteria for the scholarship programs. Other scholarships offered by the university will be offered in line with the donors expectations.