SIMAD University hosts the 3rd Conference on Entrepreneurship and Business Development.
Jan 25

SIMAD University hosts the 3rd Conference on Entrepreneurship and Business Development.

The long-awaited annual conference on entrepreneurship and business development was held today at SIMAD University-main campus.

CEB is an academic conference where the researchers come together to discuss topics about the conference theme, this year’s theme was “Entrepreneurship: Prosperity for all” and more than 20 papers  were presented, some of the popular presented topics include:

1. Measuring service quality in the banking sector.

2. Challenges and success factors faced by Somali women Entrepreneurs in Mogadishu.

3. The effect of microfinance on poverty reduction.

4. Impact of petroleum exploration on Somali economy and its future implications.

5. Barriers to E-commerce development of SMEs in Mogadishu, Somalia, and more others.

SU Rector Ustad Hassan Arab officially opened the conference and welcomed the guests, he explained why SIMAD University always hosts such conference and the importance of the Entrepreneurship. “The Businesses and entrepreneurship activities were the only factors that survived the Somali community during the civil wars". He said.

Other top management of SIMAD also attended the conference including Eng. Mohamed Mohamud Mohamed and Abdiwali Mohamud Warsame.

Well-known Businessmen and entrepreneurs were the keynote speakers of the conference.

Abshir Abdi Dhore, general Director of Somali chamber of commerce, Mursal Abdullahi Kadiye, entrepreneur, and activist for the development of economic infrastructure, Mohamed Abdi Martello entrepreneurship expert, Abdikarim Mohamed Kariye, Operation manager of Hormuud telecom, Khadar Ismail, founder of Xadiid industries, Bright petroleum and director of IRise Hub, Mohamed Mohamud Shine, founder of Somali Online Market-SOOMAR, and Mohamed Farah Siyad long-time businessman were the keynote speakers of the conference.

During their speeches, they focused different topics include:

1. Impact of good governance on business development

2. Challenges facing Somali Business sector.

3. Possible opportunities for Somali Business sector.

4. Business and technology

5. Challenges and opportunities for Somali Online business and

6. Local products, organic food, and water.

During the conference, the best student paper award was succeeded by Mohamed Saney Dalmar and best lecturer paper award was succeeded by ustad Zakariye Ahmed nor Ali.

Dr. Ali Yasin Sheikh Ali senior lecturer of Entrepreneurship and research methods and Ustad Ali Ibrahim, dean, students’ affairs office of SIMAD chaired the parallel sessions of the conference.

Finally, we thank all the participants, guests, keynote speakers, and presenters who attended the conference, we hereby extend our appreciation to the presenters from Jamhuria University and our media partner Goobjoog business.

Mursal Abdullahi Kadiye, addressing challenges facing the Somali business sector.

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