Nov 07


A colorful occasion commemorating the 17th Anniversary of SIMAD University was held at the Library hall in SIMAD University Main Campus. The event was attended by top management of SIMAD, Director of Direct Aid, SIMAD University lecturers, alumni, parents, students and other honorable guests. All came together to engage, celebrate and reflect the magnificent milestones achieved by the University.

Ustad Yusuf Moallim Ahmed narrated first the history of SIMAD University from 1999 and the complex challenges the university has triumphed over.

“On 6th November 1999, it was the day SIMAD University was established. We have gone through a rough time. We have managed to work under a war whereby some of our students & staff lost their lives, but we had always a positive impulsion and determined vision to serve our community”, Yusuf Moallim Said.

The university was established as an institute of higher education on November 6, 1999, and later in 2011 was upgraded into a fully fledged university. During that time, the University has made enormous growth and developments and it is still going forward to achieve more.

Each year, the university celebrates SIMAD DAY, the day the university was established. And today marks the 17th anniversary of SIMAD University. We all had come together to reflect the success and achievements of the university. Also during the occasion, the university’s top performing staffs in this year were rewarded. (See below to see the list of award recipients).

Finally, the Rector of SIMAD University conveyed heartfelt congratulations to all SU staffs, alumni, students and other honorable members on the 17th Anniversary of the university.

“Without them, we would not have come together today and celebrate these achievements”, Said by the Rector.

He also paid his attributes to the top performing staffs in this year and encouraged them to keep up their feat. The Rector also shared where the university is going to be in the next years.

“Where do we go then? SIMAD University was one of the first institutions to have offered Information Technology in Somalia. Therefore, we’re planning to focus on two main things: Research and Information Technology. On the day the university was established, we’ve taken a responsibility of becoming a knowledge distributor and creator. And knowledge creator can only be achieved through making a culture of research”, The Rector said.

He also added that the university is planning to reform the infrastructure of the faculties. Every faculty will have a firm infrastructure, resource subjects, and other facilities. In addition, new faculties of sciences will be soon offered.



Rector’s Award, Ustad Yusuf Moallim Ahmed

Best Dean, Dr. Mohamed Amin Abdulkarim Nor

Best Director, Mr. Ahmed Said Mohamed

Best Innovator, Eng. Mohamed Mohamud Mohamed

Best Administrative Assistant, Mr. Abas Mohamed Alir

Best Lecturer, Prof. Abdiaziz Sheikh Mohamud

Best Technician, Mr. Samow Mohamud Abdi

Best Janitor, Ms. Shukri Ibrahim Mohamed

Best Office, Institute of Modern Languages

Best Security Award, Abdullahi Mohamed Abdulle (Sheekeye)

Best Driver, Mohamed Jeylani Abukar

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