SIMAD University Celebrates its 21st Anniversary
Nov 11

SIMAD University Celebrates its 21st Anniversary

A beautiful ceremony to mark the 21st anniversary of SIMAD University was held at the SIMAD University main campus. The event was attended by SIMAD senior management, Direct Aid Director, SIMAD University professors, graduates, parents, students, and other dignitaries. They all came together to attend, celebrate, and reflect on the achievements of the University. The University is very proud and happy to be 21 years old.

The university was established as a higher education institution on November 6, 1999, and later in 2011 was transformed into a fully functioning university. During that time, the University has made tremendous growth and progress and is still moving forward to achieve more.

Every year, SIMAD University celebrates SIMAD DAY, the day SIMAD was founded. Today marks the 21st anniversary of SIMAD University. We have all come together to reflect on the success and performance of the university. After the ceremony, top Management gives their speech.

 Ustad Yusuf Moalim Mohamed, the Senior Adviser to the Rector, reminds us how SIMAD has made to come here, advised the current generations, and said “There was a time that this campus was having only one building and only two faculties and know you are all witness on where we are. SIMAD has passed the struggle of evacuation time that cannon strikes around us. I’m advising this generation to strive to proceed with the progress and I have a wish of success to all of you” Also Eng. Mohamed Mohamud Mohamed, the Deputy, and Acting Rector, peaks the SIMAD values, and praised the 2020 award winners “Greetings to all and Happy SIMADDAY. SIMAD has created a Culture of Voluntary and social work and Innovation. It’s not money that makes great SIMAD, but the people who learn from it and work for it. Everyone in SIMAD deserves Award, but we are praising those who got the Awards this year. A bright future is always ahead and we are willing to achieve more”

Eventually, Sheikh Hassan Ahmed Badawi, the Director of Direct-AID has concluded the speech with this “I’m Congratulating to SIMAD for its anniversary of 21 years. We always talk in every gathering time, the time of struggle that we have struggled to pass and we realize that hard time in hard work pays off, as we have seen today we have people who led this nation and makes great contributions. Now We have to think about where we are heading. Appreciation to people who bring SIMAD here, the former Deans such as one of its founding fathers H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, and I have great appreciation to the current Rector Ustad. Dahir Hassan, for the time and efforts he put in order to have lands and buildings to this Institution”

After their speech, they presented the awards to those has been recognized they deserve. Here in the List Below, are the 2020 Award recipients

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