Master of Science in Telecommunications & Networking

This course aims to provide the knowledge and skills required to design, model and effectively operate secure and dependable digital based networks. It will provide you with the opportunity to gain a sound understanding of the digital technologies that will form the core for future data networks. The fusion of the Internet world and multimedia is also addressed.

Furthermore, the total credit hours a student must cover are 42 credit hours, which consists core subjects and graduation project.

Program Goals

  1. Provide students with a comprehensive background in Network Systems and Telecommunication procedures and techniques.
  2. Show students how to properly conduct research for recommending network and Telecommunications communications hardware and software solutions.
  3. Provide the skill sets to analyze, design, test, and evaluate network systems.
  4. Develop the students’ ability to communicate effectively and think critically.

Entry Requirements

  • Processing fee of USD $ 70
  • Two (2) copies of photos with white background
  • Original of Secondary School certificate,
  • And, original Bachelor degree(s) and transcript.



Programme Structure

No. Course Code                 Subject Name Credit Hours
Semester One
1. MSTN03001 Routing and switching 3
2. MSTN03002  Network optimization 3
3. MSTN03003 Telecommunication Networks 3
Semester Two
4. MSTN03004 Fiber Optic Communications 3
5. MSTN03005 Wireless, Cellular, and Personal Telecommunications 3
6. MSTN03007 Research Methods 3
Semester Three
7. MSTN03006 Forensic Analytics and Digital Investigations 3
8. MSTN03008 Network Security 3
9. MSTN03010  Network Analysis, Architecture, and Design 3
Semester Four
10. MSTN03009 Telecommunications Network Management 3
11. MSTNP4001 Master Project 1st part 6
Semester Five and Six
12. MSTNP4001 Master Project 2nd part 6
                 Total 42


Per Semester Fee
Sem 1 $465
Sem 2 $465
Sem 3 $465
Sem 4 $465
Sem 5 $310
Sem 6 $310
Total $2480.00

Assessment Format

  Format A Format B
Course Work 60% 100%
Final Exam 40% 0%