Master of Science in Banking & Finance

Master of Science in banking and finance develops knowledge and analytical skills needed for a successful in banking and finance; it is aimed at students from a variety of background. Banking and finance is central to organizational decision-making. Dealing with issues around investment, valuations and shareholders requires a clear understanding of the role played by financial markets and intermediaries, the importance of risk analysis and how to construct efficient portfolios.

Program Goals

  • The Msc in banking and finance develops your understanding of the concepts of finance and the role of financial management in a variety of organizations and sectors.
  • The strategic focus of the course will enhance your ability to analyze any situation and make sound strategic decisions.
  • To find out the functioning of banking, financial markets and financial institutions.

Entry Requirements

  • Processing fee of USD $ 70
  • Two (2) copies of photos with white background
  • Original of Bachelor degree(s) and transcript

Master of Science in Banking and Finance

Program Structure Principles of Banking


No. Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
1. MBFC3001 Principles of Banking 3
2. MBFC3002 Banking Management 3
3. MBFC3003 Financial Market and Institutions 3
4. MBFC3004 Investment 3
5. MBFC3005 Portfolio Management 3
6. MBFC3006 Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance 3
7. MBFC3007 Research Methodology in Finance 3
8. MBFC3008 Managerial Finance 3
9. MBFC3009 International Finance 3
10. MBFC3010 Credit and Syndicated Loan Management 3
11. MBFC3011 Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting 3
12. MBFC3012 Bank Project Financing 3
Total 36


No. Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
1. MBFE4001 Financial Service Marketing 3
2. MBFE4002 Banking Law 3
Total 6


MBFP5001 Master Project Thesis

Total 6


Sem 1 $827
Sem 2 $827
Sem 3 $826.00
Total $2480.00

Assessment Format

Format A Format B
Course Work 60% $100
Final Exam 40% 0%