Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy

The Master of Arts International Relations and Diplomacy program is designed for those engaged in professional career requiring international expertise in government, not-for-profit, corporate or academic environments.

MIRD aims to prepare students for a variety of roles, such as working within a Foreign Service or other government department; international civil service (such as the United Nations or European Union); international NGOs (working in fields such as development, humanitarian assistance and conflict resolution); multinational corporations and international media.

Furthermore, the total credit hours a student must cover are 42 credit hours, which consists core subjects and elective or core subjects and graduation project.

Program Goals

  1. The program provides training involving theoretical and practical knowledge in international relations with a multidisciplinary approach.
  2. The MIRD offers a unique blend of academic education in international relations and political science with graduate education and training in international negotiation and diplomacy.
  3. To expose students to the overall framework of international relations and Diplomacy.
  4. To convey a thoroughly understanding of current issues and interdependencies within global politics and area studies.

Entry Requirements

  • Processing fee of USD $ 70
  • Two (2) copies of photos with white background
  • Original of Secondary School certificate,
  • And, original Bachelor degree(s) and transcript.

Program Structure

No. Course Code                 Subject Name Credit Hours
Semester One
1. MIRDC3001  Introduction to Political Science Audit
2. MIRDC3002 Public Administration and Organization Theory Audit
Semester Two
3. MIRDC3003 International Political Economy 3
4. MIRDC3004 Advanced International Relations and Diplomatic Systems 3
5. MIRDC3005 Conflict and Peace Strategies 3
Semester Three
6. MIRDC3007 International law 3
7. MIRDC3010 Comparative Politics 3
8. MIRDC3009 One of regional Language (Kiswahili, Arabic, French) 3
Semester Four
9. MIRDC3011  Foreign Policy 3
10. MIRDC3012  Global Environmental Politics 3
11. MIRDC3013  Research Methods 3
Semester Five
12.  Somali Political History
13. MIRP4001 Master Project (1st Part) 6
Semester Six
14. MIRP4001 Master Project (2nd Part) 6
  Semester Six  
Publications & Final viva  
Total 42


Per Semester Fee
Sem 1 $413
Sem 2 $413
Sem 3 $413
Sem 4 $413
Sem 5 $413
Sem 6 $415
Total $2480.00

Assessment Format

Format A Format B
Course Work 60% 100%
Final Exam 40% 0%
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