SIMAD hosts the Second Conference on Engineering, Science and Technology
Aug 11

SIMAD hosts the Second Conference on Engineering, Science and Technology

SIMAD University conducts the second academic conference on Engineering, Science, and Technology on 8-9, Aug 2018. First of all, The Conference chair, Mr. Abdisalam Yusuf Abdi has opened the conference and welcomed all the guests including keynote speakers, the speech of the Rector follows who prolonged the importance of research. “Many Social Transformations have occurred and it demands research. Traditional way of welcoming the guests in to the houses is replaced by hotels, The Somali traditional bag (Salad/ Danbiil) is replaced by Plastic bags which are not environmentally friendly, The Somali traditional milk/water carrier (Haan) is replaced by plastic bottles, The money assumption is changed, everyone wants to get rich instantly” he said.

This year we invited distinguished keynote speakers which address many topics including.

  1. The Importance of Digital Literacy in 21st Century Education and Lifestyle
  2. Role of Engineering Education in Post-conflict Reconstruction
  3. How Technology can support innovation, boost performance, reduce costs, and increase productivity.
    Many researchers from Jamhuria University has participated the conference and contributed 20 research papers.

The second day of the conference was exclusive and was held at Afrik Hotel, the most of the time was spent presentations and panel discussions.
The most interesting topics covered during day 2 include.
Cyber-security and Digital Forensics

  1. Big data analytics, and cloud computing”
  2. Technology Transition from University to the workplace: What digital skills will employers demand
  3. Enhancing Digital Literacy in Rural Areas
    The best paper award for lecturers was awarded to Ali Olow jim’ale while the best paper award for students goes to Abdullah Mohamed Isaak, A junior researcher from Jamhuria University.

We are very thankful to Hormuud Telecom which sponsors the conference in its second year.

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