SIMAD Hosts 3rd Conference on Economics, Public Policy & Administration Development
Apr 26

SIMAD Hosts 3rd Conference on Economics, Public Policy & Administration Development

SIMAD University hosted today the third conference on Economics, public policy, and Administration development. This is the third year in raw SIMAD conducts such academic conference.

This conference is known to be a platform that presents ideas and strategies in overcoming the challenges associated with economics, public policy and administration development faced by the nation as in whole and institutions of the government.
First SU Rector Ustad Dahir Hassan Arab opened the conference and welcomed the guests, he prolonged the reason behind this academic conference and why SIMAD is always committed to conducting such academic forums.

The speeches of keynote speakers follows, prof. Dr. Ekrem Erdem was the first Keynote speaker of the conference and addressed ” The applicability of monetary and fiscal policies considering national and international markets: suggestions for Somalia”
Prof. Hassan Sheikh Ali (Imam) was also the second Keynote Speaker  and addressed “Pre-conditions of Economic and Administration Development”.

After that the best paper evaluation results are announced, Best paper award for students goes to Sid-Ali Ahmed Hussein while Best paper award for Lecturers and researchers received by Ustad Abdinur Ali Mohamed.

Also, the keynote speakers received their participation certificates, SU Rector Ustad Dahir Hassan Arab received a gift from Prof. Dr. Ekrem Erdem and he also presents a gift to Prof. Dr. Ekrem Erdem as well.

During the session, 26 papers related to the conference theme are presented, some popular topics presented during the conference include:

  1. Assessment of the impact of co2 emission on child mortality rate in sub-Saharan African countries.
  2. Monetary policy mechanism toward fostering of economic growth in Somalia.
  3. Investigation towards factors that determine money supply in Somalia.
  4. Underlying causes of the absolute and relative poverty In Somalia.
  5. Building trust in the government of Somalia proposes eleven major solutions and more others.

SIMAD University conducts every year numerous academic conferences based on the faculties it offers, and this is a purpose of building the capacity of researchers in the country.

Finally, we thank the organizers of this conference and anyone who contributed the possibility of happening such academic conference, we would like to mention Dr. Ali Yasin and Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim who chaired the parallel presentation sessions of the conference.

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