Selection of Participants

a.Criteria The international relations office along with the student affairs office assesses all applications for student exchange program and selection process is fair, transparent and well documented.


For Students;

  • The applicant applying the exchange program should be a student at SIMAD University for at least 1-yearand preferably apply while in his/her sophomore year.
  • The applicant must has a Grade Point Average (GPA) of  at least 3.2/4
  • If the student has a disability and has a willing to be successful of the exchange program, s/he should be prioritized
  • The applicant should complete at least B1 level of English Special Program (ESP) of  SIMAD University

C. How to apply-students

Students who want to apply Students Exchange programs should follow the steps below:

Consult the web pa

  1. Consult the web pages of the universities they wish to go and see if they meet the requirements of the host university.
  2. Look for the courses offered in English or in the language they want to study and get a copy of the courses.
  3. Go and see the Exchange program coordinator
  4. Once s/he finish the assessment phase, apply the for the exchange
  5. Then, Exchange program coordinating offices place assessment test
  6. The Offices nominate students to the host university

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