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The history of SIMAD UNIVERSITY can be traced back to 1999 when it was established as an institute of higher learning as the Somali Institute of Management and Administration Development (SIMAD). It became a full-fledged university in 2011 as SIMAD UNIVERSITY with a wide range of undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Business and Accountancy, Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Complementing its programs, the university now houses six affiliated centers that enrich and expand its academic offerings and promote its community outreach: Institute of Modern Languages, Center for Research and Publications, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, ICT Center, Cisco Academy, and Center for Post-graduate Studies.

In a remarkably short period, SIMAD UNIVERSITY has quickly established itself as a center of academic excellence through the use of innovative, world-class, technology-enhanced academic programs. In its efforts to stay competitive, it forges and maintains strategic partnerships with both local and international academic institutions in an effort to attract a diversity of ideas and talents in its pursuit to excel and stay responsive to the needs of its learners and the nation.

With English as its medium of instruction and wide-ranging support services to meet the needs of its local and international community, the University has recently established an innovative English language-training program for all incoming students to raise the quality of education and strengthen communication skills of all students.

With two well-equipped campuses and a dedicated Medical Campus, SIMAD UNIVERSITY has over 3400 students in their undergraduate and graduate programs. The University is currently building a state-of-the-art University Hospital that is affiliated with its Faculty of Medicine. Our students learn in a relaxed, collegial environment supported by state-of-the-art facilities and reliable technology infrastructure throughout our campuses. A wide range of learning enrichment centers and support services are on offer to students: ICT labs, Language labs, Reading Programs, high-speed Internet.

About our library, you will be delighted to realize that the university houses one of the largest libraries in the nation with extensive print and digital resources. At the core of philosophy is the development of a culture that fosters the ethical behavior, responsible citizenship, and attitudes that our graduates will need to succeed in all facets of life as challenges and opportunities present themselves in their professional, personal and public lives. 

All these above facilities are incorporated into the overall package of educating students during their stay at the University; The Fountain of Knowledge and Wisdom. The SU management and staff are committed to meeting students’ needs and keeping an eye on areas where improvement can be made keeping in mind that our output to be the best in knowledge, skills, and ethics.

NB: This post is part of a series posts commemorating the 18th anniversary of SIMAD University. Join us to celebrate the history that we have made together!


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