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Faculty Facilities

We admit the most academically able and motivated students and provide them with inspiring, world-class teaching. We’re confident that we also offer the best resources and facilities to support their learning. Here below will be shown some facilities of the faculty.


The faculty had a library for which facilitates the books of the students needed to be used and read, the faculty library contains standard course texts and other related materials.

The students are also available a legal deposit library holding many books, journals, and other documents. The faculty provide library session to offer the students practical and read the books related to the faculty to make legal research and investigation.

Law Clinic Center

With the main objective of training modern legal practitioner capable of handling complex legal issues in a country that has lacked proper legal institutions and mechanism for many decades; the question of how best to train legal practitioners and accomplish our aforementioned task remained and continues to remain a top priority for the faculty. Through many discussions members of the faculty had with each other and with visiting law experts from abroad, we felt the immediate need to establish a full-fledged Law Clinic by expanding the existing facilities which were initially intended for the moot court.

In the establishing process of the Law Clinic, we have conducted extensive research into how existing Law Clinic in many different universities around the world operates and the main as well as other activities they accomplish for the law departments in which they are built, with a special focus on universities located in countries counted as developing which are placed in the same socioeconomic conditions as well as taking into account the special security issues as well as other challenges that Somalia is going through.

While the Law Clinic is essential to the well-being of the department and for the betterment of our students, it also has the special function of putting us on track in terms of obtaining International Accreditation for the Faculty of Law granted by the appropriate international educational agency. Therefore, having a functioning and well-equipped Law Clinic is necessary both to educate our students as well as for accreditation purposes. The creation of this Clinic makes us a leader in this area and the first university/Faculty to do so in Somalia.

Functions of the Law Clinic

  • Moot Courts: The first and the foremost important task of the Law Clinic will be to organize and run the Faculty of Law Moot Court Programs that are intended to become an essential activity for every course that has the ingredients for the creation of moot-court cases.
  • Legal Research:The second important issue that the Law Clinic would be dealing with is legal research, focusing on publishing research papers and books of high-quality standards that would contribute to the teaching materials required by the faculty in its undergraduate program.
  • Legal Aid:  The third most important function of the Law Clinic would be to offer free legal aid services to individuals and organizations that the University feels to need legal aid and which the Law Clinic feels and is confident enough to be able to provide those services

Moot Court Room

It has an in-built Moot Courtroom to equip students with required practical skills and to better understand the procedures and guidelines to be needed in the real courtroom.


The faculty had a mosque for which the students and whole of the faculty pray and worship ALLAH SWC and read the students for wholly Quran and other religious books in the mosque.