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Deans Message

Every day, lawyers and legal professionals make a real difference in people’s lives. Our society looks to the legal profession for leadership in working through many of the most difficult issues that we face in public and private aspects.

Our goal as faculty of  Law is to prepare you not simply to manage the many roles that lawyers play but to fulfill the responsibilities that clients will entrust to you and that our society places on the profession. Our goal is to prepare you to overcome the challenges that you will face to improve the lives of the clients you represent to make our institutions stronger. To help our society find solutions that are effective and fair, smart and compassionate, principled yet practical.

The faculty lectures will help you in your preparation to become a leader in the legal profession. Our professors demand high standards—not simply diligence but also intellectual openness and integrity. They will help you see important connections between the practice of law and principles of justice and fairness.

The faculty promotes the concept of the rule of law among its students, whether through lectures or through work outside the classrooms, in order to be a role model for other university students, by participating in seminars and conferences held in the field of law.

 You will become connected with the Faculty of Law alumni who are involved in all aspects of the law, from government service to big business, litigation to arbitration, advocacy to legislation, private lawyers, judges and legal advisors.

Most importantly, we are educating and preparing our students for the practice of law in an ever-changing legal profession through rigorous classroom instruction and in-depth practical experiences in SIMAD LAW CLINIC CENTER.

Welcome to SIMAD University, our Faculty of Law is a unique and engaged community, and I am pleased to introduce you to it.

Dean, Faculty of Law
Dr. Ali Haji Mohamed  Warsame