Job opportunity: Operating Theater Nurse
Feb 06

Job opportunity: Operating Theater Nurse

Dr. Sumait hospitals are currently looking for a qualified Operating Theater Nurse to work at the hospital.


  1. Ensure preparation of the material and equipment in the OT, receive patients and take them from the preparation room to the OT, making sure they are ready for surgery.
  2. Assist the surgeon and anesthetist during the operation, anticipating their needs in order to facilitate their job; with the nurse anesthetist, monitor the vital parameters of the patient.
  3. Organize patient transportation from the OT to the recovery room and carry-out and/or supervise all the postoperative activities to prepare the OT for the next scheduled operation or emergency
  4. Implement the hygiene, sterilisation, asepsis and disinfection protocols and procedures at all times, before, during and after operations, to ensure the safety conditions of patients and staff
  5. Control all equipment and material stock used in the OT to ensure efficient and rational use of material resources
  6. Contribute to monthly reports according to guidelines (statistical reports, etc.).


  1. Nursing degree
  2. Two years’ professional experience as an OT Nurse
  3. Recent clinical experience (at least six months within the last 24 months).
  4. IT skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
  5. Fluency in English.
  6. Commitment to the hospital’s mission and values.
  7. Strong team player, and flexible and able to manage stress.
  8. Self-driven with a solution-oriented approach
  9. Able to train others.

Deadline: February 9, 2019. 12:00 PM

How to apply: You can bring your documents like CV and cover letter to the HR officer in physical, you can also Email your documents to

Ps. please don’t forget to subject the Email as “applying for the position of Operating Theater Nurse”.

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