Internship Opportunity at Institute of Modern Languages: Apply
Aug 01

Internship Opportunity at Institute of Modern Languages: Apply

SIMAD University’s busy and dynamic Institute of Modern Languages (IML) is looking for alumni students who have finished their studies and would like to work with IML team as an internship.

Job title: Support staff

Requirements: Bachelors Degree

Ideal candidates are those who:

  • have good English skills or willing to practice and enhance their English skills.

  • enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds.

  • are willing to improve teamwork ability and administrative skills.

  • are able to multitask and be flexible.


  • To help with the day to day running of IML.

  • support the management team, instructors, and students.

  • help instructors prepare classroom equipment and lesson plans.

  • Facilitate group discussions and provide learning materials to students during teaching

  • Provide general support and information to new students.

  • Support admin staff with clerical duties including student registrations.

  • Data entry and updating student information.

Campus:  Main, Gahair, and Graduate Studies campuses. 

Deadline: August 15, 2017.

Contact: Interested applicants, please    send    CV    and    cover    letter    to

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