In Memory of Late Professor Abdulaziz Malingur
Jul 17

In Memory of Late Professor Abdulaziz Malingur

Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Sheikh Mohamood, a distinguished, humble, and kind academic sadly passed away on Thursday, July 15, 2021 due to a sudden heart attack.

Professor Abdulaziz was a highly respected academician and researcher with highly developed skills in Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Medical research, and genetics. He was born in Mogadishu on May 3, 1960. He received his bachelor degree in Biochemistry from Al-Ain University, UAE in 1986, and his Master degree in Microbiology from the University of Howard, the USA in 1992. In 1995, he completed his doctoral degree in Molecular and Cellular Immunology from the Howard University.

Prof. Abdulaziz completed Postdoctoral Fellowship in Immunology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2007. He has been a researcher at some of the most prestigious research centers including the NIH, FDA and The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has also been lecturer at many universities across the world. He supervised the thesis and dissertations of both undergraduate and graduate students from different countries around the world.

During his endeavors, Prof Abdulaziz received many awards and achieved numerous accomplishments including the prestigious Johns Hopkins Pathology’s Award for Excellence in Basic Research for three times. In addition, he presented his research at international conferences and was keynote speaker at many local medical conferences. Prof. Abdulaziz’s researches were published in prestigious American and international journals. His research interests were in the areas of T cell regulation, autoimmunity and bacterial antibiotic resistance. Prof Abdulaziz was active in basic and translational research and owns patents for his invention in the treatment of autoimmune disorders such as Type I Diabetes.

In 2014, Prof. Abdulaziz returned to Somalia and decided to contribute his 30 years of teaching and research experience to his country and started by engaging in solidification of SIMAD University School of Medicine, where, with his support and guidance, it was opened the first Microbiology program in Somalia with fully equipped microbiology and Molecular biology laboratories.

Lately, he was a professor of Immunology at SIMAD University School of Medicine and a visiting professor at some other local universities. He regularly chaired the local medical conference proceedings and recently played a key role in the nationwide COVID-19 Prevention and Vaccination Awareness campaign. He was also the Founding Director of the newly established center, Nova Diagnostics and Research, which is one of the leading Diagnostic & Research laboratories in East Africa, providing vital diagnostic, research and academic services.

We are all deeply saddened by the sudden passing of the Professor. He was a much-loved professor and it will take some time for many of us to come to terms with this sad news. Prof. Abdulaziz has left us us with fond memories of his time at SIMAD University with his helpful, friendly and bright approach to everyone he dealt with. He was a model colleague, team member and will be truly missed by all he worked with. His passing is an immense loss for all Somali people.  May Allah grant him in the highest place in Jannah.


  • Patents (JHU Ref 5129). “Methods for Inducing Immune Tolerance by Inhibiting the Fas Pathway”. This invention provides methods for treating autoimmune disorders (such as diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, and organ rejection associated with organ transplant) in which blockade of the Fas pathway ameliorates autoimmunity and/or induces tolerance.
  • Characterized a new T cell subtype and resolved their origin and subtype identified previously unknown cell surface markers for TCR+ double negative T cells
  • Three-year recipient of the prestigious Johns Hopkins Pathology’s Annual Award for Excellence in Basic research (2003, 2006, & 2007).
  • Solid publication record in prestigious American and International journals
  • Keynote speaker for 3 consecutive years at Conference on Health and Medical Sciences (CMHS)
  • Selected for oral presentation at American Society for Cell Biologists


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  1. May his soul rest in peace .he was one of the our beloved teachers we hope that Allah loves him as love .Rahimu Allah

  2. May Allah grant him Jannah, i was deeply shocked to hear this in early thursday morning, for us a group of internship Doctors graduating from jazeera university Following September, He was Our thesis Supervisor and Mentor he guided us All Steps from our thesis whole this Academic year but not got to be with us on the defense day, We Met Him in his office at Tuesday and Also i personally Visited him again on Wednesday Afternoon.
    His passing was Qatar of our Lord, May Allah grant him highest place in Jannah

  3. الله يرحمه برحمته الواسعة انا جدا حزينه فراقه تغمده الله في واسع رحمته وجعله من ضيوف محبوبين

  4. Naxariista eebe korkiisa Alle ha yeelo
    Camalkii wanaagsanaa ee dadaalkii uu uu galiyay dadka iyo dalka Soomaaliyeedna Alle ha u aqbalo

  5. He was a real role model for all Somali academicians. May Allah grant him the highest of Jannah.

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