About the Faculty

The Faculty of Computing is a reputable resource for innovative technology using cutting-edge teaching, learning, and research methods. We provide high-quality Technology educational products and services that enable people to succeed in learning by using the most up-to-date computing technology and materials. In addition, to address industry challenges and needs, we offer comprehensive scientific disciplines programs. 

The Faculty of Computing was established to train skilled generation in various disciplines of computer and information technology sectors, thereby assisting in the creation of a new and modern information system where expertise in information technology is now required in almost every field of human activity.

The faculty conducts academic and scientific studies in a variety of information technology fields, as well as exchanging knowledge with a large network of companies and research experts. Students majoring in this faculty are also provided with a supportive learning environment. Furthermore, the faculty prepares our graduate computing students with market-relevant professional expertise and skills, ensuring their employability. Therefore, our faculty’s key goals are to:

  • Encourage teaching and learning excellence.
  • Enhance the Faculty’s applied research capabilities in order to have a greater impact on society.
  • Give students hands-on experience with current computing trends.
  • With distinction and leadership, engage the society through knowledge and service.
  • Improve national and international recognition and prestige.


To instill in our students the technological, problem-solving, and leadership skills required to build new computing technologies and harness software to empower individuals, organizations, and society.


To create a conducive environment for research and teaching that can easily respond to the technical challenges of the twenty-first century.