Advanced English Courses Opportunity for All
Jan 27

Advanced English Courses Opportunity for All

ESP: Program Description

Over the past 15 years, SIMAD UNIVERSITY has emerged as one of the most progressive and prestigious universities in Somalia with a vision to continually develop the effectiveness of its programs.

As part of its ongoing pursuit of academic excellence, SIMAD UNIVERSITY’s Board of Trustees considered the inextricable link between the language of instruction and quality of education. Cognizant of the demand for a world-class English Language learning program, a resolution to add Institute of Modern Languages (IML) to university’s existing academic institutions was passed.

IML plans to offer degree and diploma programs in a set of core languages that support the strategic and socio-economic development of the nation and its students. These languages may include but are not limited to: Somali language and literature, English, Arabic, Turkish, French, etc.

SIMAD UNIVERSITY’S Board of Trustees (BoT) endorsed the concept of establishing a rigorous English for general academic purposes and commissioned an international educational consultancy firm, Ednastics, to transform that idea into a reality and hence the birth of English Skills Program (ESP).

THE ENGLISH SKILLS PROGRAM (ESP) is a well-structured in-sessional program that offers concurrent or in-sessional English for Academic Purposes training to students while they also take courses in their majors. This program consists of five levels that are designed to be completed within the first two and half years of the students’ undergraduate degree.

In addition to its rigorous English skills training, the English Skills Program (ESP) will advance essential academic skills for success in higher education: critical thinking, learner autonomy, study skills, time management and organizational skills as well as information literacy.

The program uses a skills-based approach with core textbooks that allow flexibility to focus on distinct skills or teach English as an integrated, all-skills package. Catering for the different learning styles of the learners, the program blends both online, digital learning tools and a wide variety of print resources that encourage active learning.

The ESP is structured with strong emphasis on the development of academic skills, critical thinking, and vocabulary and study skills. Drawing upon best practices and theories in second language acquisition, learners are further supported by an accompanying extensive reading program and a carefully selected listening lab materials as well as supplementary contents that are culturally appropriate, personally motivating and thematically inspiring for learners.

ESP Vision

To be a global leader in developing a sustainable and effective model of academic excellence in the field of English language acquisition.

ESP Mission

To equip learners with the academic English skills to succeed in any postsecondary institutions and beyond through effective application of the latest, best practices in language teaching, learning, and technology

The mission of the English Skills Program has two parts of equal importance.

  • The first goal is to facilitate learners’ progress in English proficiency and study skills needed for success in academic coursework at an English language medium university. The ESP aids students in the acquisition of English while they are engaged in the study of their degree programs at SU.
  • The second goal of the ESP is to facilitate the development of the best practices in English language teaching and learning through the latest technology.

Course Registration Fee (per person)

  • $15.00* for SU Alumni, Staff and other interested groups
  • ($5.00 for SU Students)

*Payment in full must be received by April 5th, 2016 to secure course registration.

Monthly Course Fee

  • $50 Monthly (per person) 
  • $19 for ONLY SU students


(we have the materials you need to succeed)

  • $66 per Semester
  • $60 for ONLY SU students


ESP Team

3rd Floor, Faculty of Economics Building


Jidka Warshadaha, Mogadishu, Somalia



Twitter: @simad_espteam


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  1. aslamu aleykum, waa Abdifatah Mohamed ahna ardayda dhameysatay simad 2013 waxan rabay course English ma ka mid tahat 

    Academic IELTS

    Pearson PTE Academic


    Cambridge English: Advanced (CEA)

    Trinity ISE II (B2)

    hadi haa tahay fadlan ii ogolada in aan sida ugu dhaw u ogaado waqtiga iyo requirements ka


  2. waxaan iga so’aal ah ardaygii jaamacada kaqalin jabiyay ma waxaa loola dhaqmaa sida qof caadi ah ama sida ardayda hadii oo eego sida hoos ku cad
    Monthly Course Fee
    $50 Monthly (per person)
    $19 for ONLY SU students
    (we have the materials you need to succeed)
    $66 per Semester
    $60 for ONLY SU students

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