Somali Business Review (SBR)

Somali Business Review is a quarterly magazine founded as a not-for-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary of SIMAD University. The SBR serves as a catalyst between academia, leaders, corporates and governments.

SBR strives to become the leading destination for dynamic and fast changing business environments and organizations. We do this by shaping the future and adapting the change for change. Through our expert-led latest and dynamic contents, we aim to offer the latest rigorous insights to drive change. Also, through our affiliated centers of excellence at SIMAD University, we offer human centered consultancy, and analytical services to unleash leaders’ potentials, offer guidance and management support for success.

We leverage the insights and analysis, diversity and inclusion, and expertise led products of SBR and SIMAD University faculties to offer timely and relevant solutions that are relevant to today’s most pressing leadership and business challenges across industries. For more than 13 years, we have promoted private sector development, entrepreneurship, and public private partnerships. We developed and produced 13 volumes with almost 40 issues and 400 articles of multidisciplinary analysis that contributed to Somalia’s growing business landscape.

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