SU Logo
Mar 14

SU Logo

At the top of the tablet, the university title is scripted in Somali indicating our commitment to the nation’s development and progress through education rooted in language, tradition and values.

Just below the name of the university, SIMAD, there is an open book and rising sun indicating the dissemination of knowledge in a new era. The color of the wood is green showing that prosperity can be obtained through the delivery of first-rate education.

At the bottom, two feather-pens in a full inkpot are resting on an arch symbolizing the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the rich educational environment at the university

The Somali flag appears at the summit where the two feather-pens meet; the flag is symbolic identity marking that the university belongs to Somalis in general.

The name of the university is written in three languages: English, Arabic and Somali. The meeting of the two arches shows solidarity among the students, staff and management.

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