Are Local Investors Ready To Compete With Foreign Investors?
Jul 26

Are Local Investors Ready To Compete With Foreign Investors?

Foreign Direct Investment reflects technological advancements and strategic experience, as well as foreign capital. It has developed a reputation as a growth and development engine in recent decades. (Alfaro, L.2015). Understanding Local Investors’ Perceptions Toward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and global products have become a hot subject among academics and policymakers. Knowledge spillover, backward and forward connections with local firms, the potential for technological transfer, new processes, better management capabilities, employee training, and access to foreign manufacturing networks and markets all have the potential to boost competitiveness and output, help diversify exports and increase employee training. And transform the economy’s demand system by promoting growth and delopment (Alfaro, Conconi Et Al. 2016).

However, achieving this goal would require more financial and technological capital. Through the involvement of regional private investors, financial capital can enter countries. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Or the mobilization of significant amounts of government capital, since many African countries, are resource-rich. Obtaining additional technical support to launch a “Major Drive” would be more difficult. Private businesses, on the other hand, do not use Cutting-Edge Technology. Click here to read the full article.

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