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Why Choose SU?

Welcome to SIMAD University.
As the leading post-secondary institution in Somalia, SIMAD University offers the highest quality education in the country. Well-known for its commitment for excellence, below are some of the reasons why many students have chosen SU.

Why Choose SU?

SIMAD University offers programs ranging from Law, Management, Business, Banking, Finance and Accounting, Procurement, Logistics, Computer Science, Engineering, Medical, Nursing, Public Administration and Economics.

Why Choose SU?

Our courses are taught by experienced and highly qualified lecturers who have a broad and extensive knowledge of all subjects in their fields and are committed to excellence in teaching, research and academic advising.

Why Choose SU?

SIMAD UUNIVERSITY is a world-class institution with world-class facilities that maximizes learning potential by offering ample opportunities for experiential learning and judicious use of latest technology.

Why Choose SU?

SIMAD University is now a member of Association of African universities (AAU), the Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN), and is an active participant in the research community worldwide. We believe that education must go beyond national borders, and for this reason, our active international participation is essential. This involvement does not only enhance our goal to provide students with an education comparable to to that of the best universities worldwide, but it also enhances the university’s international reputation. We judge our performance in the context of achievable but challenging benchmarks, thinking more globally and establishing strategic partnerships, relationships and collaborations with both local and international universities.

Why Choose SU?

SU strives to help its students to excel and become well-prepared and responsible citizens. Our past graduates have proved their talents and skills in both the public and private sectors. A degree from SIMAD University has opened doors for future academic and career goals in Somalia and abroad.

Admission Instakes

The SU academic year consists of 42 weeks split into two semesters of 18 weeks each, the first beginning in August.

Admission Requirement

Scholarships and Bursaries

SIMAD UNIVERSITY offers a number of scholarships on academic merit and also awards bursaries based on financial need. Explore more about the scholarships available at SU, requirements and how to apply. Please see the Scholarships and Bursaries policies.

For more information, please contact us

SIMAD UNIVERSITY, Office of Scholarships and Burseries

Tel : +252-66754444
Email :

Fee Structure


FACULTIES/PROGRAMS Tuition Fees Other Charges Total
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences $1120.00 $130.00 $1250.00
Bachelor of Nursing $400.00 $70.00 $470.00
Bachelor of Public Health $400.00 $70.00 $470.00
Bachelor of Microbiology and Lab Sciences $400.00 $70.00 $470.00
Faculty of Management Sciences $315.00 $30.00 $345.00
Faculty of Computing $371.00 $30.00 $401.00
Faculty of Economics $315.00 $30.00 $345.00
Faculty of Social Sciences $315.00 $30.00 $345.00
Faculty of Engineering
Bachelor of Civil Engineering $670.00 $80.00 $750.00
Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering $550.00 $50.00 $600.00
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering $550.00 $50.00 $600.00
Faculty of Education $65.00 $30.00 $95.00
Faculty of Law $290.00 $30.00 $320.00
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine $315.00 $30.00 $345.00
Faculty of agricultural and Environmental science  $315.00 $30.00 $345.00


FACULTIES/PROGRAMS Tuition Fees Other Charges Total
Faculty of Education               $382.00             $15.00              $397.00
Faculty of Law                           $382.00             $15.00              $397.00

Parents Or Guardians

For parents or guardians of prospective students, here you will find information about SIMAD University, reasons to choose SU, what academic resources we offer as well as information about our faculties, programs and student services.

Apply Online

SU Online Application Process:

On this page, you can apply for SIMAD UNIVERSITY online by providing the required documents and information of the candidate. Below, download the official application form of SIMAD UNIVERSITY. Then fill the form locally on your PC and then upload the form back using the UPLOADER below.

Download here the Official Application Letter of SIMAD UNIVERSITY.

After filling the form, use the UPLOADER below to send us the filled document and, if verified, you’ll be an admitted student of SIMAD UNIVERSITY.


  • In the Title, type your full name.
  • Then in the “Post content or file description,” type “SIMAD UNIVERSITY Admission.”
  • Next is the “Your Media Files” box, select “Choose Files”
  • Find the filled form in your PC, then select the document to allow it to be ready for uploading
  • Finally, click on the “Submit” button.
  • That’s it! Wait for our response. Maybe sooner you’ll be an admitted student of SIMAD UNIVERSITY.

Upload your Application Documents:

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