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English Skills Program

The medium of instruction at SIMAD UNIVERSITY is English. In line with its ongoing efforts to raise quality of education and strengthen communication skills of all students, the university has recently established an innovative English language training program for all incoming students.

THE ENGLISH SKILLS PROGRAM (ESP) is a well-structured in-sessional program that offers concurrent or in-sessional English for General Academic Purposes training to students while they also take courses in their majors. This immersive EGAP program consists of five levels that are designed to be completed within the first two and half years of the students’ undergraduate degree. The program aims to systematically support continuing students to succeed in their programs at SIMAD UNIVERSITY or at any other English medium higher learning institution. In addition to its rigorous English skills training, the program will advance essential academic conventions and skills for success in higher education: critical thinking, learner autonomy, study skills, time management and organizational skills as well as information literacy. The program uses a skills-based approach with core textbooks that allow flexibility to focus on distinct skills or teach English as an integrated, all-skills package. Catering for the different learning styles of its learners, the program blends both online, digital learning tools and a wide variety of print resources that encourage active learning.

The ESP is structured with strong emphasis on the development of academic skills, critical thinking, and vocabulary and study skills. Drawing upon best practices and theories in second language acquisition, learners are further supported by an accompanying extensive reading program and a carefully selected listening lab materials as well as supplementary content that is culturally appropriate, personally motivating and thematically inspiring for learners.

The program is comprised of five levels (See Master Syllabi for details):

  • ESP 080 – Foundation
  • ESP 090 – Beginner
  • ESP 100 – Intermediate
  • ESP 101 – Advanced
  • ESP 102 – Mastery

The first three courses are non-credit bearing; however the final two courses are credit-bearing courses that count towards the student’s program graduation requirements. The unique and customized arrangement for this in-sessional program calls for a unique and creative solution designed especially for SIMAD UNIVERSITY to mitigate the inherent challenges of the program including time constraints. Therefore, unlike most EAP programs that use only textbooks, the program utilizes extensive multimedia resources, digital content and customized supplementary materials that are used alongside course textbooks.

Faculty of Management Sciences

The Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS) is one of the pioneering faculties at SIMAD University, focusing on developing specialised skills in the areas of management, business, marketing, and accounting. FMS prepares graduates who are well educated, professional and virtuous scholars in today’s modern world.

The FMS offers a unique learning experience which takes place in a conducive environment generated by a team of dedicated faculty members and lecturers who are keen to develop the students’ natural desire for knowledge and equip them with the requisite skills to explore potential opportunities, contribute creative ideas, inspire peers and navigate through the challenges of the modern business world.

The graduates of FMS are trained to follow a wide variety of career paths such as management, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, organisational development, logistics management, financial management, banking, public management, auditing and accounting.


The Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS) provides degree programs in the following areas:

Faculty of Computing

The Faculty of Computing (FC) is staffed by teaching professionals with an extensive variety of IT expertise and equipped with state of the art learning and teaching aides & equipment.

Innovation and creativity form the hallmark of the culture of the FC, as the information technology market demands innovators and creative problem solvers. We aspire to be the leading ICT training center in the Horn of Africa region.

The FC has a variety of labs operating with the latest software and hardware systems. The need for computer and technology graduates with a broad range of skills such as internet related technologies, e-commerce technologies, business data communication, software engineering, consultancy of information science and programming knowledge is continuously rising across the globe. Somalia is no exception to these trends. The graduates of the Faculty of Computing enter into a wide variety of both private and public sectors of the economy.


The Faculty of Computing provides degree programs in the following areas:

Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) was introduced to meet development requirements of the nation, especially after a long time of economic decline.

The FSS aims to prepare national and international experts as well as professionals in economics, planning, statistics and public administration. Courses specialize in economics, commerce, public administration and planning and statistics which are relevant and purposeful in meeting the current and future needs of the region. The programs are designed to provide real world practical learning experiences that incorporate both hard and soft skills as well as to be intellectually challenging with well-grounded theories on business and politics.


The Faculty of Social Sciences provides degree programs in the following areas:

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics prepares students for a career in Economics and Statistics and Planning. Our unifying goal is to provide students with the skills, language and the tool to examine and contribute at a practical level to meaningful economic discussions locally and internationally.

Our graduates will have a firm understanding about economic decisions that people, companies and governments make to advance their interests. As one of the oldest and well-established academic fields, Economics has powerful and systematic analytical measures that allow economists to understand social behavior and attitudes at a very unique angle, which makes it one of the most exciting fields of study.

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in the areas of statistics and planning explore applied statistics through investigations in theoretical statistics as they apply to issues of planning and forecasting in the private and public sectors.

The department has ten distinguished, highly committed fulltime professors who have a proven track record as researchers and educators. Faculty of Economics boasts state-of-the-art facilities and offers an excellent curriculum.


The faculty of Economics offers Degree programs in the following areas:

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law offers high quality professional programs that produce law experts and public service workers.

In addition, the curriculum is designed to produce professionally competent and qualified legal personnel who are committed to the practice and promotion of Islamic principles and teachings in the legal profession. Career openings for graduates include work in central government, law enforcement, and as professional lawyers and legal advisers.


The Faculty of Law provides degree programs in the following areas:

Faculty of Education

Having a core of well trained and qualified teachers is critical for the long term prosperity of any country.

A better teacher at both primary and secondary schools greatly enhances transition rates, resulting in more students entering universities. This is important, not only for individual universities, but also for national development. Therefore, SU provides in-service school based training for practicing teachers. The graduates of the Faculty of Education will contribute significantly to the development of teaching staff of the primary and secondary schools.


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Advancements in the field of medicine and the lack of qualified medical practitioners in Somalia dictated the need for competent doctors and graduates who service existing medical needs of country.

As a result, the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences (FMHS) was inaugurated in September of 2015. The faculty is the first medical college in the country that adopted the integration of Problem-based learning (PBL) into its programs in order to offer students hands-on, clinical scenarios that bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The curriculum is oriented towards training students to undertake the responsibilities of a first contact physician who is knowledgeable in preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of medicine. The program ensures that our graduates have an excellent grasp of biological, psychological, social mechanisms and processes, as well as their impact on health and disease based on principles of learning drawn from cognitive and clinical psychology.

The role of the FMHS is to contribute to the health and wellness of the Somali society by training ethical and highly knowledgeable doctors.


Faculty Engineering

The purpose of the Faculty of Engineering (FE) is to train qualified engineers who produce knowledge and technology for the benefit of the Somali society and are sensitive to environmental and societal concerns.

Faculty of Engineering graduates practices their profession at the highest standards with a strong sense of ethics. In addition to qualification, the FE equips students with problem-solving, communication, teamwork, self-assessment, management, entrepreneurial, and lifelong learning skills.

The FE curriculum has been designed to meet national needs and enable students to identify and solve complex engineering problems by choosing and applying appropriate methods. FE faculty members have obtained their degrees from respected universities in their field and they are distinguished by research performance and commitment to excellence in teaching.

The graduates of FE are qualified to embark on a wide variety of careers and work in a wide range of industries in public and private sectors.


Faculty of Engineering has several laboratories. These laboratories include:


The Faculty of Engineering offers degree programs in the following specializations:

Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies at SIMAD University offer two types of postgraduate programs. One is in-house postgraduate programs, which is the official postgraduate programs offered by the University. We also have a dynamic collaboration with Open University Malaysia in offering OUM postgraduate programs in Somalia. OUM is one of Malaysia’s leading Online Distance Learning (ODL) universities.

In our Graduate Studies, you can find a broad range of multidisciplinary courses to choose from. Welcome to our graduate studies.

Simad Masters Degree Program

SIMAD University is one of the largest and most respected institutions of higher learning in the republic of Somalia with more than 8000 students and alumni living around the world.

As the flagship campus of the city of Mogadishu, SIMAD has not only deep connections with other towns and the entire nation of Somalia, but also a proud tradition of thinking and acting globally. Few institutions in Somalia are more widely recognized as leaders in research, training, teaching, and public service.

The University has realized that the business enterprises, government institutions, Humanitarian organizations and development projects need masters competencies to enable them sustain their abilities to meet their goals and visions. Therefore, it is the University’s curiosity to emphasize the development of the human resources in both private and public sector.

Our postgraduate programs are designed to improve the professional knowledge of learners in their chosen area and help them take the next step of their live with a minimal disruption of their field responsibility. In just one and half year, you can develop real-world job skills, gain hands-on industry experience and make valuable contacts in your chosen sector.

OUM Postgraduate Program

SIMAD UNIVERSITY Graduate Studies (GS) is an OUM partner in charged for Open University Programs’ provision in Somalia. On February 9th, 2012 signed an agreement on OUM programs delivery in Somalia by SU- GS.

With     Open     University     Malaysia (OUM), GS was established in March 2012. GS offers numerous programs within different fields. GS aims to provide quality postgraduate programs in an open and distance learning environment by providing appropriate knowledge, skills, and managerial competences to sharpen students’ analytical and conceptual skills.

One of the GS policies is to expand and open learning centers in all Somali territory within different regions in the country.

Requirements For Postgraduate Studies

  • Four (4) copies of passport size photos with white background.
  • Original of Bachelor degree(s) and transcript.
  • Pass an English test.
  • Copy of passport with at least of three years validity.
  • A non-refundable application fee of $100 in the form of the bank draft for OUM Programs. For SIMAD Programs $70 for processing the applications.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 and two years of work experience for OUM programs OR five years of experience to those with less Minimum GPA.

Postgraduate Intakes

The duration of semester is four months and there are three intakes in every year. January, May and September.

Fee Structure



Master of Science in Networking and Data Communications $2,480
Master of Science in Banking & Finance $2,480
Master of Science in Marketing $2,480
Master of international relations and Diplomacy $2,480
Master of Public Policy $2,480
Master of Science in Accounting $2,480
Master of Business Administration $2,480



Master of Business Administration $4,000
Master of Information Technology $4,000
Master of Project Management $4,000
Master of Information Technology and Networking $4,000
Master of Education $4,000
Master of Software Engineering $4,000
Postgraduate Diploma in Education $4,000
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