English Skills Program
Mar 13

English Skills Program

THE ENGLISH SKILLS PROGRAM (ESP) is a well-structured in-sessional program that offers concurrent or in-sessional English for General Academic Purposes training to students while they also take courses in their majors. This immersive EGAP program consists of five levels that are designed to be completed within the first two and half years of the students’ undergraduate degree. The program aims to systematically support continuing students to succeed in their programs at SIMAD UNIVERSITY or at any other English medium higher learning institution. In addition to its rigorous English skills training, the program will advance essential academic conventions and skills for success in higher education: critical thinking, learner autonomy, study skills, time management and organizational skills as well as information literacy. The program uses a skills-based approach with core textbooks that allow flexibility to focus on distinct skills or teach English as an integrated, all-skills package. Catering for the different learning styles of its learners, the program blends both online, digital learning tools and a wide variety of print resources that encourage active learning.

The ESP is structured with strong emphasis on the development of academic skills, critical thinking, and vocabulary and study skills. Drawing upon best practices and theories in second language acquisition, learners are further supported by an accompanying extensive reading program and a carefully selected listening lab materials as well as supplementary content that is culturally appropriate, personally motivating and thematically inspiring for learners.

The program is comprised of five levels (See Master Syllabi for details):

  • ESP 080 – Foundation
  • ESP 090 – Beginner
  • ESP 100 – Intermediate
  • ESP 101 – Advanced
  • ESP 102 – Mastery

The first three courses are non-credit bearing; however the final two courses are credit-bearing courses that count towards the student’s program graduation requirements. The unique and customized arrangement for this in-sessional program calls for a unique and creative solution designed especially for SIMAD UNIVERSITY to mitigate the inherent challenges of the program including time constraints. Therefore, unlike most EAP programs that use only textbooks, the program utilizes extensive multimedia resources, digital content and customized supplementary materials that are used alongside course textbooks.

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