The 1st Human Library Event in Mogadishu
Jul 30

The 1st Human Library Event in Mogadishu

SIMAD University is hosting the 1st Human Library Event in Mogadishu, Somalia. This is an international event where readers of a library can check out or borrow human-volunteers as a book rather than paper books on the library shelves.

Human books are people who challenge prejudices and assumptions through safe conversation in one to one or in small groups so that the diversity within the community is understood and respected.

On August 05, 2017, SIMAD University- Dhoobaale Library will host the 1st human library event in Mogadishu-Somalia. The event will provide an opportunity for the community to share and understand the experiences of others in the community.

The bookshelves now available are the following:

  • Living veteran of Somali Political History (From Law –and- Order to Chaos)
  • A successful, blind postgraduate student
  • A new convert to Islam
  • Living in the Diaspora (Stories of cultural change and adaptation)
  • Teaching as a foreigner in Somalia (From myths to facts)
  • A returned Diaspora to her homeland (Stories of clash of cultures and shock)
  • Talk to a successful entrepreneur within a turbulent market.

Registration of readers is now open! All Interested candidates are kindly informed to register prior to Thursday, August 03, 2017 at SIMAD University- Dhoobaale Library.

N.B= The service of the human library event is always FREE!

If you want to read ‘Human Library Brochure’ in the Somali language, click here.

For more information, please contact us or +252615819990



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  1. This event is impessive and  waves the way the convidence of the students by putting their backward libarary and  forieign cultural adoptations ,knowing what libarary can increase in the field of education by focusing the somali culture and filtering those that can not go inline with the somali cultures.

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