What You Should Know about Our Students’ Tour to Puntland
Feb 25

What You Should Know about Our Students’ Tour to Puntland

20 Students from SIMAD University have paid an 18 days-long tour to Puntland, these students were led by the president of SIMAD Students’ government Mr. Zakariye Ahmed Omar with his deputies, secretary, ministries and faculty association chairs.

On February 2, 2019, the students have landed on General Mohamed Abshir Airport of Garowe, where they received a warm hospitality from the Administration and students of Puntland state University. To get the best out of their tour, every student from SIMAD University has resided with a student from Puntland state University.

During their tour the students have visited many sites ranging from the Puntland state University, the schools of Alwaha, Gambol, and Imaamu Nawawi, Puntland Development research Center, the coastal Town of Eyl, the Remote area of Garowe, Puntland’s Ministry of Justice, Religious Affairs and Rehabilitation, Ministry of Health and other historical hubs including the house of late freedom fighter sayid Mohamed Abdulle Hassan.

Our Students have also received a unique and generous welcoming from the Puntland Non-state actors, Some Ministries and members of Puntland parliament, Youth Associations, Local Government of Garowe, Bosaso University, East Africa University, Royal University and many other parts of Garowe Community.

Puntland state University which was the hosting institution of our students have organized Football tournament and short distance marathon between she SU and PSU students. They also give a leadership training to the visiting students.

On February 20, 2019 SU students have back to Mogadishu. Finally, we, SIMAD University are indebted to the Puntland state university and Puntland Community at large for their unwavering support and welcoming to our students.  

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