Vacancies | Multiple Teaching Positions
Feb 07

Vacancies | Multiple Teaching Positions

SIMAD University is looking for qualified lecturers who can meet the following qualifications:

  1. Masters or Ph.D. in Biochemistry with three years of experience
  2. Masters or Ph.D. in Clinical Chemistry with three years of experience
  3. Masters or Ph.D. in ENT with a background of MBBS with three years of experience
  4. Masters or Ph.D. in Stomatology with three years of experience
  5. Masters or Ph.D. in Nursing with three years of experience
  6. Masters or Ph.D. in Midwifery with three years of experience
  7. Master of Science in Chemistry or PhD in Chemistry with a minimum of two years of teaching experience in higher education (This position is for our education faculty).

SIMAD Profile

SIMAD University was established in 1999 as an institute of higher learning and is currently the leading University in Somalia. After 11 years of consistent success and achievement, it was upgraded to a comprehensive academic university. Now, as Somalia’s leading and finest higher education institution, the University is always dedicated to producing high-quality graduates with the necessary skills through integrity, research, community service, and professionalism.
 Teaching is not an easy business, so applicants are required to have the ability to work under pressure, have tolerance, have moral ethics, and become role models for our students. flexibility is key!

All interested candidates can contact any further query to the HR office, and also should present their documents to the HR Office or email them to before February 12, 2022.

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