Teaching Jobs at the Institute of Modern Languages
Dec 15

Teaching Jobs at the Institute of Modern Languages

SIMAD University is currently seeking qualified    Instructors of    English as an    Additional    Language to join our teaching team in the    English    Skills    Program, February 2020.    

The English   Skills    Program,    which is part of the newly formed    Institute of Modern    Languages,    is an    in-­‐sessional    English program that develops academic    English and study skills of    SIMAD    University students for greater success in their degree programs and beyond.       Based on the latest best practices on second language teaching and learning,    the curriculum will allow students to effectively function in and graduate from a    University with    English as the principal language of instruction.      Students    will    also    learn a    wide    range    of    skills including critical thinking and study skills,    which are all vital for students to perform well in any undergraduate program offered nationally or internationally.       The program uses an integrated curriculum,    which    means    students    will    learn    all   English skills together through relevant,    exciting,    and meaningful content.    Students will listen and read extensively using    English language labs as well as meaningful supplementary reading materials.    

Position Title:    English Language Instructor    

Minimum Qualifications:    

•    Bachelor’s degree    in    relevant    area    (TESL,    English,    Education,    Linguistics,    Arts,    etc.)    

 Preferred    Qualifications:        

•    Postgraduate certificate,    diploma or MA/M.Ed. in    TESL    or    Applied    Linguistics    

•    Previous experience    teaching    English    

•    International/multicultural experience    


•    Competitive salary    based   on    level    of    education    and    experience    

•    One month    paid    vacation    per    year    and    public    holidays    

•    Accommodations plus food and transport


Interested applicants,    please    send    CV    and    cover    letter    to    teach@simad.edu.so    

Interviews for qualified applications will be conducted through    Skype or telephone.  

The deadline for receiving applications is on 15th January 2020

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