SU Cultural Week is Approaching
May 05

SU Cultural Week is Approaching

One of the highly anticipated events of SIMAD UNIVERSITY is approaching. It's the SU Cultural Week, the week we demonstrate how rich and strong our Somali culture is. The event will start on Saturday, May 16, 2015, and will end on Thursday, May 21, 2015.

This is part of the extra-curricular activities of the university, and it's an annual event. It enables our talented and creative students to demonstrate their skills; thereby, allowing them to flourish. And it is so interesting for the students to take part since it takes place outside of the classroom.

During the SU Cultural Week event, different aspects of the Somali culture is on display with well-known and respected Somali figures present at the event. For example, students take part in familiar Somali traditions, like reciting poems, tug of war, Qur'an recitation, football competitions, egg holding, running (both 100 and 200 sprints), and many other forms of the tradition.

To join us in celebrating and appreciating our beautiful Somali culture, please SUBSCRIBE to our event on Facebook. Thank you.

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