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Student Support Services

We are committed to promoting an inclusive academic environment. Our Student Support Services are tailored to assist students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. We offer a range of support mechanisms such as academic advising, counseling, career guidance, and tutoring. Through financial aid programs, scholarships, and work-study opportunities, we aim to alleviate financial barriers, ensuring every student has the requisite support to excel in their academic journey. Our modern facilities and a host of educational events further enhance the conducive learning atmosphere at SIMAD, preparing students for successful careers post-graduation.

Advising & Academic Resources

We emphasize holistic student development, extending beyond academic achievement to conceptual understanding and personal growth. Our Co-curricular Activities (CCA) program is pivotal in equipping students with the essential tools, skills, and knowledge, guiding them towards informed career decisions. The diverse range of CCA offerings, including courses on Education for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Leadership, and Fard Al-Ayn, is mandatory for all undergraduate students, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

The CCA program broadens students’ horizons and enhances various competencies such as computer literacy, public speaking, and active engagement in discussions, debates, and seminars. Through participation in CCA, students are encouraged to explore their interests and talents, while cultivating values and competencies essential for navigating a rapidly evolving global landscape.

We augment the learning experience of our fresh students by offering tutorial sessions in addition to regular lectures. These tutorials are facilitated by outstanding senior students, providing a supportive platform for academic discourse and collaborative learning. Fresh students can delve deeper into lecture material, discuss reading points of interest, and receive assistance with exercises or assignments, all in a conducive learning atmosphere.

We are cognizant of the financial challenges that students from low-income families may encounter. To ensure equal opportunity for academic success, we provide targeted support for these students to fully engage in both lecture and tutorial programs. Through a blend of financial aid, scholarships, and additional tutoring support, we strive to mitigate financial barriers, enabling all students to thrive academically and complete their studies. Our comprehensive approach underscores our commitment to fostering an inclusive and enriching educational environment for every student at SIMAD.

At SIMAD, our students can participate in student exchange programs. Student exchange programs provide students with an opportunity to study one or two semesters local or overseas at our partner universities. SU exchange programs help give our students international exposure and internal encounters that will be helpful in their careers, a new and more sophisticated perspective on community issues, and to enhance their cross-cultural experience and knowledge, for example seeing how their profession is practiced in another country. After they return home from even one semester of exchange, students may be different than before and stick out from their peers due to their special experiences and skills. These programs also give students a chance to travel abroad while completing their degree.

For students to succeed in their courses, our lecturers ensure that students know what is expected of them as well as the resources available. Lecturers provide students with constructive feedback that guides their efforts towards achievement. Course objectives and the specific learning outcomes inform decisions when designing/redesigning exams and other assignments.

Maybe you are a potential entrepreneur, and always thinking of having own business? SIMAD iLab is there for you. To ensure that our students and graduates receive practical entrepreneurship skills and contribute to the wider development of Somalia, SIMAD launched SIMAD iLab to serve as a hub for nurturing innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship education in Somalia. The hub provides project-based learning, workshops, and problem-solving case-study competitions to boost local innovation and creativity. It gives mentorship to final-year students with entrepreneurship and technology education that prepares them for wage employment, freelancing, or start-up establishment, and trains Somali executives, middle managers, and frontline staff with certified training packages. The institute focuses on capacity building on a personal level, encourages and launches student-led startups, develops an innovation-driven entrepreneurship ecosystem in Somalia, and promotes student-lead business initiatives that address local challenges.

Our dedicated career center offers guidance, workshops, and placement opportunities. Additionally, counseling services are available for students seeking emotional and psychological support.

Campus Services

SIMAD University Libraries has extensive collections that cover a rich array of printed, digital and media. We also have a wide variety of electronic journals, videos, resources, books, and other educational materials in various languages: Arabic, Somali, and English. The library currently has over 50,000 different titles and growing. We have e-granary digital library in place which hosts:

Each campus has a library that provides easy access to learning resources including books, electronic journals, databases and more. There are also library workshops designed to help improve students research skills. Quiet study spaces including group study and private study are available and you can connect to our free Wi-Fi using our computer section.

High-speed Internet access is available across campus. Students can access global electronic journals, databases, and digital resources via a reliable fiber-optic lines and VSAT technology.

Our computer labs are available across our campuses to support and enrich the learning experience of our students. The extensive technology infrastructure and the wide range of technology support systems give students the opportunity to gain hands-on practice working with technology. Students, faculty, and staff are welcomed to drop in at any time during university’s working hours.

As part to its commitment to create an environment that supports holistic wellbeing, SU mosque plays an integral part in enhancing wellness and promotes peace from within across our campuses. It is that special place where our students go for spiritual renewal and intellectual nourishment. Strategically located near the student center, the campus mosque has separate prayer halls for both brothers and sisters. It also serves as a great place where you meet new people or catch up with old friends.

Our campus boasts a range of dining outlets designed to meet the diverse culinary preferences of our community. From traditional Somali samosas to classic spaghetti dishes, our menu offers a blend of local and international flavors. For those seeking a warm beverage, our teas, infused with choices like cinnamon or cardamom, provide a comforting option. Prioritizing both quality and affordability, we ensure that every dining experience meets the highest standards without stretching the budget. At the heart of our services is a commitment to offering a quality dining experience for all students, faculty, and staff.

Our health center is staffed with experienced medical professionals ready to address a wide range of health concerns, from routine check-ups to emergency care. We prioritize prompt and personalized care, ensuring that every student receives the attention and treatment they deserve.

In collaboration with renowned medical institutions, such as Dr. Sumait Hospitals, we offer specialized services and discounted medical treatments to our students. This partnership ensures that our community has access to a broader spectrum of healthcare services, from general consultations to specialized treatments.

Career Support

In today’s dynamic professional landscape, making informed career decisions is paramount. At SIMAD, our Career Guidance services are designed to provide students with a clear roadmap to their professional aspirations.

  • Industry Acumen: Dive deep into the intricacies of global industries. Understand emerging trends, market demands, and potential career trajectories through detailed reports, interactive sessions, and industry expert-led seminars.
  • Skill Alignment: Through a series of workshops and assessments, students can identify and hone their strengths, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet industry-specific demands.
  • Engagement Forums: Regularly scheduled events provide students with opportunities to interact with global industry leaders, offering a platform for networking, mentorship, and firsthand insights into various sectors.

Navigating the myriad career opportunities can be daunting. Our Career Counseling services offer a structured approach to help students chart their professional journey with confidence.

  • Personalized Consultations: Engage in in-depth discussions tailored to individual career goals. Our expert counselors assist in mapping out potential career paths, identifying opportunities, and addressing challenges.
  • Portfolio Development: Craft a compelling professional portfolio with our guidance. From resume building to crafting impactful cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, we ensure you present your best self to potential employers.
  • Mock Interviews & Workshops: Simulated interview scenarios and workshops prepare students for real-world interactions, building confidence and enhancing presentation skills.

In collaboration with Maandeeq Mental Health, SIMAD recognizes the importance of mental well-being in academic and professional success.

  • Confidential Sessions: Our certified counselors provide a safe space for students to discuss any challenges or concerns they may be facing.
  • Wellness Workshops: Regular sessions focus on holistic well-being, addressing topics like stress management, resilience building, and emotional intelligence.
  • Referral Services: For specialized care, we collaborate with external professionals, ensuring students receive the best support possible.

The Career Office is the nexus for all career-related activities and resources at SIMAD.

  • Career Expo Week: An annual flagship event, the Career Expo Week connects students with a plethora of potential employers, offering insights and recruitment opportunities.
  • Internship Collaborations: Our strong ties with industry leaders ensure students gain invaluable real-world experience through internships and co-op programs.
  • Resource Library: A dedicated space housing a wealth of resources, from industry reports to job search tools, aiding students in their career journey.

Transitioning from academics to the professional realm is a significant step, and SIMAD is committed to ensuring this transition is smooth.

  • Placement Drives: Regular recruitment collaborations with top-tier companies offer students opportunities right at their doorstep.
  • Alumni Network: Our expansive alumni community plays a pivotal role in providing job referrals, mentorship, and industry insights.
  • Post-Graduation Support: Our commitment doesn’t end at graduation. We offer continued support, ensuring our graduates thrive in their chosen fields.

Championing a culture of inclusivity is at the heart of SIMAD’s ethos.

  • Awareness Initiatives: Through workshops and seminars, we foster an environment of understanding and acceptance of diverse backgrounds.
  • Support Forums: Dedicated spaces for open dialogues ensure all voices are heard, and challenges related to diversity are addressed effectively.
  • Policy Advocacy: Our policies are crafted with a keen focus on equity and inclusivity, ensuring every student feels valued and represented.

Events and Activities

SIMAD University’s Culture Week is a distinguished annual event hosted on our campus, epitomizing the richness of Somali poetry and literature. Spanning a week, this event is punctuated with insightful panel discussions, authentic traditional performances, and competitive sports tournaments, all curated to provide a comprehensive cultural experience.

While knowledge transfer remains our cornerstone, we are acutely aware of the transformative power of extracurricular experiences. With this understanding, we have strategically designed a diverse array of sports events, ensuring that our students are intellectually enriched, socially adept, and physically active.

At SIMAD University, we believe in empowering our students with a voice and a platform. Through XAJSI, our student governance system, students are entrusted with the autonomy to manage their affairs in a democratic framework. XAJSI is not just a governing body; it’s a support system designed to enrich every facet of your university experience, from academics and sports to hobbies and social engagements.

By participating in XAJSI, you have the opportunity to champion causes close to your heart, engage in meaningful discussions, and even take on leadership roles such as Faculty Representative or Student President. These roles allow you to influence positive change within the university and provide invaluable experiences that enhance your CV.

Get involved, make an impact, and shape your journey at SIMAD through active participation in the Student Government (XAJSI).

Civic responsibility and community engagement are integral to our ethos. Through organized outreach programs and volunteer opportunities, students develop a sense of social responsibility, enhancing their ethical and moral perspectives.

Effective communication is paramount in any profession. Our debate and public speaking forums hone students’ rhetorical skills, teaching them to articulate ideas clearly and persuasively.

Continuous learning is the key to professional growth. Our workshops and seminars, led by industry experts, ensure students are abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in their respective fields.

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