SIMAD University Welcomes Class of 2024
Oct 08

SIMAD University Welcomes Class of 2024

The week-long orientation program for the Class of 2024 was officially closed. The Rector of SIMAD University, Ustad Dahir Hassan officially welcomed the class of 2020 to the University and to the Great SIMAD Family.

The orientation program which started on Saturday, October 3, 2020 continued until Wednesday, October 7, 2020 and throughout these days, the newly-admitted students were given in-depth information sessions about the important aspects of the University including academics rules, administrative offices, resources and facilities, library, student government, and campus activities.

On the closing day of the Orientation week, the Class of 2024 had the opportunity to meet with the Rector, Ustad Dahir Hassan. The Rector addressed the new students and congratulated them for making the right decision to join SIMAD University.

“Congratulations! You have made the right decision to join SIMAD University. I am thrilled and privileged to welcome you to the ever growing SIMAD University family. You are about to begin an academic journey full of challenges, excitements, competitions, friendship and rivalries. At SIMAD, we know you have the potential to make a difference some day and we are very determined to help you get there and grow into the very best version of yourself” – Dahir Arab said.

The Rector stated that many universities offer the same programs, but highlighted that SIMAD University does so in a way that is more innovative and richer. He also said that

“At SIMAD, we strongly believe that education has the ultimate power to change people, attitudes, and society. Faculty members, student government, administrators and support staff are there for you to change your attitude and build your confidence and ability.”

Ustad Dahir emphasized that the University is very committed to developing students’ intellectual excellence and students are required to seek answers and solutions that benefit Somalia and the world. He underscored that SIMAD trains them for a worldwide leadership and service within a caring community.

In addition, Ustad Dahir shared with the students that teaching is a cooperative. Explaining this, the Rector said,

“Professors are here to encourage, inspire, and admonish us, but students are ultimately responsible for learning. Students do the real work of learning. True learning takes place only through the activity of the learner’s own mind.”

Finally, the Rector again welcomed the class of 2024 and advised them to show their talents, take time to personally develop their skills, and take advantage of the university’s rich resources and services to achieve their full potential.

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