SIMAD University Celebrates 18 years of fountain knowledge and wisdom.
Nov 10

SIMAD University Celebrates 18 years of fountain knowledge and wisdom.

A well-organized ceremony for the commemoration of the 18th anniversary of SIMAD University was held today at the green campus of the university, it was the first time of the university gardens hosted such event, the anniversary board gets on in the ground and the red carpet for the 2017 award winners was prepared diligently.

SU Senate, director of Direct Aid-Somalia, all staff, parents, students, Alumni, and other respected guests attended the occasion, the ceremony started with holy Koran verses followed by fun moments including lucky draw and tug of war.

Sheikh Hassan Ahmed Badawi, director of direct Aid-Somalia opened the session and prolonged the rich history of SIMAD University, and how it was established. He said “we embed our service of education with food so as to motivate the people to join the education centers” he thanked Direct Aid –Somalia ex Africa Muslim agency which was the organization funded and founded by this great university of SIMAD and many schools in Somalia, “we experienced one year that no Somali child goes to school and that was really disaster” he added, “we established SIMAD because of the need for the higher education at that time, and we are grateful now the 18 years of constant development” he concluded.

SU Rector Dahir Hassan Arab addressed the event, and drag out the next years’ plans, he mentioned that the university will have all the faculty labs in 2020, and student service center block which now under maintenance will officially launched in January 2018, he gives to his prayers to the dead employee of SIMAD, “we miss precious employee during our struggle of making this nation great who contributed to the university, so that we will never forget and our hearts will pray for them eternally” he added. He also praised all the staff of the University for their Tireless Collaboration to the university, particularly the award winners of 2017, “I congratulate to award winners of 2017, especially the females which hold and manages the backbone offices of the university, for sure the girls are more trustful when it comes the responsibility” he concluded

At the end of the ceremony, the best employees in 2017 were awarded, the interesting part of the event was that 3 out of 12 award winners of this year were females that show the commitment and hard work of the Somali ladies in the society, below are the recipients of 2017 awards.

the best innovator of 2017, Nasra Ahmed Mohamed.

Best Director in 2017, Deka Mohamed Kalib.

Best Dean in 2017, Dr Amina Omar Mohamud. 

Best Janitor award in 2017, Omar Nor Farah. 


Best technician award in 2017, Samow Mohamud Abdi.

Best Driver award in 2017, Mohamed Jeilani Abukar.

Best office award in 2017, Admission and record office. 

Rector award winner in 2017, Abdullahi Hussein Abubakar.

SIMAD hero award winner in 2017, Abdirizak Hussein Sheikh Salah

Best security award in 2017. Omar Mohamud Hassan.

Best Lecturer in 2017, Abdinur Ali Mohamed

Best administrative award in 2017, Sahal Mohamud Hassan

We hope to reach the next anniversary with peace and progress, thanks to all of you for sharing the congratulatory messages with us. 

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