SIMAD Students Elect New Student Government Leadership
Oct 14

SIMAD Students Elect New Student Government Leadership

SIMAD University students elected a new student government leadership for the academic year of 2020-21, following a fair and square election held yesterday at the university’s Main & Gahair campuses.

The event was the culmination of weeks of intense campaigning and hours of voting. The election saw more students cast their votes this year than in previous elections. The percentage of voter turnout is 79%.

Seven candidates were running for the top positions of Student Government: President, Vice-President and General Secretary. 

Here are the official results of Student Government (XAJSi) election:

1. XAJSi President-elect, Mr. Mohamed Abdi Hassan, received 51.28% of the total votes counted. Mr. Abdikarim Isak Ali came second with 48.72 % votes.

2. XAJSi Vice President-elect, Ms. Asma Ibrahim Ali, received 54.41% of the total votes counted. Ms. Amal Dahir Ahmed came second with 45.59% votes.

3. XAJSi General Secretary-elect, Mr. Hassan Omar Yusuf, received 43.71% of the total votes counted. Ms. Iman Ahmed Abdikarim came second with 37.76% votes while Mr. Abdullahi Ali Abdi came third with 18.53% votes.

Congratulations to our incoming student leaders! Surely, you are the new voice for thousands of students on the campus.

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