SIMAD Students Elect New Student Government Leadership
Oct 17

SIMAD Students Elect New Student Government Leadership

SIMAD Students Elect New Student Government Leadership

As part of SIMAD University’s extracurricular activities, the university holds elections each year in which students elect their leaders. SIMAD Student Government serves as a platform that allows students to showcase their talents, develop their careers and exercise their organizational and leadership skills.

This year’s election occurred on October 16, 2021, at the various campuses of the university. About 11 candidates stood up for the top positions of XAJSi: President, Vice President, and General Secretary. This year for the first time, five candidates were running for the highest office of XAJSi. After a fair and square election, here are the official results of the election:

  1. XAJSi President-elect, Mr. Yahye Abdirahman Ahmed, received 29.23% of the total votes counted. Mr. Mohamud Hassan Isak came second with 24.42 % votes. Mr. Mahad Muhumed Hussein, Mr. Osman Khalif Salad, and Mr. Mohamed Ali Gutale received 23.07%, 14.87%, and 8.31% accordingly.
  2. XAJSi Vice President-elect, Ms. Juweria Abas Abdikadir, received 44.65% of the total votes counted. Ms. Iqra Abdikadir Farah came second with 33.24% votes, while Ms. Nasteha Mohamed Yusuf came third with 22.11% votes.
  3. XAJSi General Secretary-elect, Mr. Abdikarim Ahmed Salad, received 37.33% of the total votes counted. Mr. Abdullahi Sheikh Yahye came second with 34.60% votes, while Mr. Abdiaziz Isse Hassan came third with 28.07% votes.

This year’s election received incredible media coverage and generated conversations on one-man-one-vote and how this could be implemented in Somalia. The vote counting and announcement of election results were live on the Facebook page of SIMAD University. The LIVE post reached and received a total impression of 32,200+ people and created an engagement of over 13,000.

In addition, the Somali National Television (SNTV) shared a video on the elections and received over 121,000 views.

Furthermore, some famous journalists and other high-profile figures spread the election news on their social media platforms.

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