SIMAD Hosts the Second Medical Conference
Sep 15

SIMAD Hosts the Second Medical Conference

SIMAD University has successfully held the second medical conference at Jazeera Hotel on September 13, 2018. The main purpose of this conference is to present research findings on different topics in Health science.

Medical Professors, Doctors operating both in the country and outside, Health experts from International organizations, medical students and other honorable guests have attended the conference.

This year’s conference was rather different and more international as it is attended by two professors from Malaysia named Prof. Dato’ Dr. Razman Jarmin and Prof. Dato’ Dr. Zainul Rashid who operates at the Malaysian universities and the hospitals. In addition, Dr. Tareq Abdighalil from Egypt was with us who also operates at the Egyptian hospital in Mogadishu.

Medical doctors who are well known in the country have also participated at the conference and shared their knowledge with the attendees,

  1. Mohamed Mohamud Bidey
  2. Prof Osman Mohamud Dufle
  3. Mohamed Boodaaye
  4. Abdilhadi Salim
  5. Sheikh-don and others were the popular doctors who have attended the session,

During the conference, the researchers have presented studies on some diseases and medical conditions including:

  1. Novel Immunotherapy for Type I Diabetes by Professor Abdiaziz Sheikh Mohamood, professor of immunology at SIMAD’s school of medicine
  2. Hemorrhoids by Dr. Awale M. Abdullahi, a General surgery specialist
  3. Trauma patient Management by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Razman JarminConsultant General Surgery Hospital University Kepengsan Malaysia
  4. Breastfeeding by Yasin Abdirashid Adan, Medical Student At SIMAD University.
  5. Infertility by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Zainul Rashid DEPUTY DEAN (GRADUATE & INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS) Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital University Kepengsan Malaysia
  6. Assessment of Risk Factors Associated with multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis in MDR-TB Treatment center by Abdirashid Moallim Hassan, Medical Student at SIMAD University.

This year, we have received generous sponsorship from the International Bank of Somalia and Mogadishu Stars Company.

However, SIMAD University is known to conducts numerous academic conferences in different areas including Business, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Engineering, Economics, and administration.

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