Recalling the last Simad day’s excitements.
Nov 02

Recalling the last Simad day’s excitements.

Since we are approaching SIMADDAY and only 3 days to celebrate it, we are interested to recollect the last SIMMADDAY'S memories that are full of fun, this video will make you like you are backing your life to the previous year, especially the day of 6- November-2016,

During this clip, SIMAD’S top management speech, congratulations from Alumni, sings taken by Simad students for the event will feature, though we cannot include such this short video to all events of the last year’s celebration, yet we collected the most memorable highlights,

We will prepare the same video for the upcoming event of 6- November-2017.

here is the video of the last SIMADDAY'S highlights, thanks for watching and celebrating with us.


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