Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation (Pgd M&E)

Monitoring and Evaluation is field of work that has been defined as the means by which individuals and organizations report to a recognized authority and held responsible for their actions. M&E is promoted through transparency and performance is promoted by responsive project management decision making. This programme is designed to equip people who intend to become monitoring and evaluation practitioners in the public and private sectors, especially in the fields of programmes, projects, development, health, education, and environmental fields.
Program Goals

  1. Explain the different Monitoring and Evaluation conceptual approaches and framework
  2. Develop knowledge and critical thinking skills to be able to design and evaluate workplace programs
  3. Build your expertise, confidence and credibility to positively impact your workplace program
  4. Design country/site-specific monitoring flow process based on organizational structure (e.g., single country office, field office, or regional office)
  5. Design and implement a monitoring and evaluation work plan for a country/site program, taking into consideration donor/government requirements
  6. Design systems to manage and use data and provide feedback to appropriate staff
  7. Identify methods for overcoming barriers to effective monitoring and evaluation
  8. Acquire data analysis skills and Prepare M&E reports

Entry Requirements

  • Processing fee of USD $ 70
  • Two (2) copies of photos with white background
  • Original of Secondary School certificate,
  • And, original Bachelor degree(s) and transcript.

PGD in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) 

No.Course Code                Subject NameCredit Hours
Semester One
1.PGD M&E7001Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation3
2.PGD M&E7002Evaluation Theories and Approaches: Designing Logic Models3
3.PGD M&E7003Resource Mobilization in Monitoring and Evaluation3
Semester Two
4.PGD M&E7004Planning M&E Activities3
5.PGD M&E7005 Social Research Methods3
6.PGD M&E7008Data collection, Data Analysis and Data Management3
Semester Three
7.PGD M&E7009Project & Programme Evaluation Information Systems3
8.PGD M&E70010M&E Reporting3
9.PGD M&E70011Fieldwork (Practicum)4

Program StructureFees

Per SemesterFee
Sem 1$500
Sem 2$500
Sem 3$500

Assessment Format

Format AFormat B
Course Work60%100%
Final Exam40%0%
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