Offering Weekend Programs
Jul 22

Offering Weekend Programs

SIMAD University offers Weekend Programs for prospective applicants with busy schedules interested in creating their careers at SIMAD University. The University offers the following six faculties to fit the schedule of the applicants. In these programs, you will complete your entire degree studies on the weekends.

  1. Faculty of Management Sciences
  2. Faculty of Computing
  3. Faculty of Social Sciences
  4. Faculty of Economics
  5. Faculty of Education
  6. Faculty of Law

The duration of the weekend program will be as usual 4 years, but with 12 Semester. This means, in every academic year, students will have three semesters. The courses offered in each semester will be or less than 5 courses including with English Skills Program of the Institute of Modern Languages.

If you are interested in being admitted to Weekend Programs, you are required to meet the same admissions standards as those applying for full-time day study except verification that you are busy on the full-time days.

Learn at a pace you can manage, afford and realize a competitive advantage in your new career.

8 thoughts on “Offering Weekend Programs”

  1. Good job, Simad always servise their community to create better future for all levelth

    I say thanks Simad be present for ever.

  2. This is very important things I am welcoming the weekend programs but i would like to share , How about the student whose who studing now, are they changed into weekend program while they are fulltime?

     Thank you!

  3. Dear SIMAD Team,

    Thank you for your offer. 

    I am very interesting this opportunity. 

    This weekend which days ? Is it Thursday and Friday or Friday and Sunday ?

    Thank you. 


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