Master of Science in Procurement & Logistics Management

This program will let you get the required skills for developing a procurement strategy, selecting ad evaluating suppliers, contracting and negotiating with business partners, as well as designing and effectively managing the supply chain operations. We aim to build your confidence as well as know-how so that we nature your business skills practically. In our quest to achieve this target, we place you in a real-world business challenge to gain an in-depth understanding of the current procurement and logistics trends
Program Goals
This program aims at developing a learner’s ability to understand the contemporary theories and strategies for procurement and logistics management and learn how to optimize decisions regarding the supply chain activities at both strategic and tactical levels. Moreover, this program will enhance the managerial skills of the learners by giving those insights that are critical for a business to survive.
Entry Requirements

  1. Processing fee of USD $ 70
  2. Two (2) copies of photos with white background
  3. Original of Secondary School certificate,

Course Structure
The courses taught in this program comprise ten courses and a thesis project.  These courses will enable students to enhance their profession and competence with the right skills, capacity, and knowledge.  CORE COURSES (30 Credits)

1MSPLM51101Procurement Principles and Procedures3
2MSPLM51102Inventory and Operations Management3
3MSPLM51103Financial Management for Procurement3
4MSPLM51104Marketing Management and Strategy3
5MSPLM51105 E-Procurement3
6MSPLM51106 Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy3
7MSPLM51107Public and Private Sector Procurement3
8MSPLM51108Transport and Logistics Management3
9MSPLM51109Research Methods3
10MSPLM511010Contract &Negation Management3
1MSPLM4001Master Project I6
2MSPLM4001Master Project II6


Per SemesterFee
Sem 1$413
Sem 2$413
Sem 3$413
Sem 4$413
Sem 5$413
Sem 6$415

Assessment Format

Format AFormat B
Course Work60%100%
Final Exam40%0%
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