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Studying at SIMAD

Student-centered Learning

Students are key in implementing teaching and learning effectiveness at SIMAD. The curriculum strives to cater to different learning styles of students. Student-centered learning encompasses all teaching and learning methods that aim to move the focus of the learning away from the instructor to the student to engage them, motivate them, and give them voice and ownership in the learning process. The guiding methodology for teaching and learning stems from a student-centered approach that engages students in the learning process in their pursuit to become readers, writers, thinkers and above all doers.

Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in this rich learning environment by questioning and re-questioning as they explore their learning journeys and discover their career paths. Our learning programs have been designed to equip you with essential tools for success: critical thinking, effective communication skills, collaboration and teamwork skills and creativity as well as career and life skills. 


We create adequate, relaxed learning environment that is conducive to learning with ample learning and technology support. Our classes have been designed to cater to different types of teaching styles and classroom activities.

Collaborative Learning Style

At SIMAD, classroom lectures, in the traditional sense, have virtually ceased to exist. Instead, learning sessions are conducted in a dynamic and collaborative manner where students and professors exchange ideas, debate concepts and learn together. Professors passionately introduce the topic under study and map out learning strategies to stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity and interest in the topic. 

Independent Study

Independent study or self-directed study is one of the key features that characterize SU learning. The university systematically incorporates autonomous learning in its programs to promote learning that continues beyond its classrooms. For graduates with extensive breadth of knowledge base and deeper understanding of subjects they study, SIMAD University gives its students many opportunities to develop a love for reading and studying independently.

Student Support

In addition to attending lectures, our fresh students will have opportunities to attend tutorials or tutoring programs. The tutorial is led by a senior or a top outstanding student. Fresh students will have the chances to learn more from other outstanding students, talk about points of interests from the lectures and the readings, get help from tutors in doing exercises or assignments. 

Co-curricular Programs

Co-curricular activity (CCA) is one of the university’s key functions aimed at developing students both academically and conceptually. We offer students right tools, skills, and knowledge to help them make the best possible career decisions. This generally enhances the students on many aspects ranging from expanding the students’ horizon, their skills on computers, their skills to participate talks, debates, and seminars. Through CCA, students will discover their interests and talents while developing values and competencies that will prepare them for a rapidly changing world. CCA also will promote friendships among students from diverse backgrounds as they learn, play, and grow together. Participation in CCA will foster social integration and deepens students’ sense of belonging, commitment, and sense of responsibility to school, community, and nation.

Student Exchange and Mobility Programs

At SIMAD, our students can participate in student exchange programs. Student exchange programs provide students with an opportunity to study one or two semesters local or overseas at our partner universities. SU exchange programs help give our students international exposure and internal encounters that will be helpful in their careers, a new and more sophisticated perspective on community issues, and to enhance their cross-cultural experience and knowledge, for example seeing how their profession is practiced in another country. After they return home from even one semester of exchange, students may be different than before and stick out from their peers due to their special experiences and skills. These programs also give students a chance to travel abroad while completing their degree.

Academic Support

For students to succeed in their courses, SIMAD University lecturers ensure that students know what is expected of them as well as the resources available. Lecturers provide students with constructive feedback that guides their efforts towards achievement. Course objectives and the specific learning outcomes inform decisions when designing/redesigning exams and other assignments.

Research Projects/Lab Work 

As you move closer to graduation, you will be required to produce an extended, independent research project which culminates in an honors thesis. This important work will be undertaken with the guidance of a designated professor who is an expert in your chosen field of study. Students are fully supported by our approachable and friendly library and lab personnel while conducting their research in our libraries and other research facilities on campus.

Student-led Startups 

Maybe you are a potential entrepreneur, and always thinking of having own business? IITE Institute is there for you. To ensure that our students and graduates receive practical entrepreneurship skills and contribute to the wider development of Somalia, SIMAD launched IITE Institute to serve as a hub for nurturing innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship education in Somalia. The institute provides project-based learning, workshops, and problem-solving case-study competitions to boost local innovation and creativity. It gives mentorship to final-year students with entrepreneurship and technology education that prepares them for wage employment, freelancing, or start-up establishment, and trains Somali executives, middle managers, and frontline staff with certified training packages. The institute focuses on capacity building on a personal level, encourages and launches student-led startups, develops an innovation-driven entrepreneurship ecosystem in Somalia, and promotes student-lead business initiatives that address local challenges.