Job Opportunity: Radiotechnologist
Feb 05

Job Opportunity: Radiotechnologist

Dr. Sumait hospitals  are currently looking a qualified Radio Technologist to work at the hospital.


  1. Produces diagnostic radiographic examinations by positioning patients, providing immobilization devices, selection proper technical factors based on individual patient needs. Select and operate equipment as required for specific procedures.
  2. Restricts radiation beam through cone and collimating devices to provide non-exposure of radiation to unaffected parts of the patient.
  3. Performs portable x-ray examinations in patient rooms and operating rooms.
  4. Follows operational procedure to identify patient’s films with name and x-ray number, correctly mark film as to side of the patient taken.
  5. Develops exposed x-ray film by processing methods available.
  6. Completes patient requisitions with technologist initials, date, number, and size of film.
  • Maintains orderly x-ray room.
Qualifications Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
  1. High school degree.
  2. Completion of fours-years school of Radiologic Technology.
  3. Diagnostic Radiography experience of 2 years at least.
Deadline: February 9, 2019 How to apply: You can bring your documents like CV and cover letter to the HR officer in hand, you can also Email your documents to Ps. please don’t forget to subject the Email as “applying Radio technologist”.


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