About the Faculty

About the faculty

SIMAD UNIVERSITY (hereafter SU) was established on January 20, 2011, after the Board of Trustees of the former Somali Institute of Management and Administration Development (SIMAD) approved to upgrade of the institute into a fully-fledged university in his first meeting. SIMAD (former institute) was established and became operational on November 6, 1999

The Faculty of Management Sciences is one of the pioneering faculties at SIMAD University, focusing on developing specialized skills in the areas of management, business, marketing, finance, procurement, entrepreneurship and digital marketing. The faculty prepares graduates who are well educated, professional and virtuous scholars in today’s modern world.

The faculty offers a unique learning experience which takes place in a conducive environment generated by a team of dedicated faculty members and lecturers who are keen to develop the students’ natural desire for knowledge and equip them with the requisite skills to explore potential opportunities, contribute creative ideas, inspire peers, and navigate through the challenges of the modern business world.

The graduates of faculty are trained to follow a wide variety of career paths such as management, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, organizational development, procurement and logistics management, financial management, banking, public management, auditing, and accounting