Faculty Facilities


SIMAD UNIVERSITY Library has extensive collections that cover a rich array of printed, digital and media. We also have a wide variety of electronic journals, videos, resources, books and other educational materials in various languages: Arabic, Somali and English. The library currently has over 50,000 different titles and growing.

Internet Access

High-speed Internet access is available across campus. Students can access global electronic journals, databases, and digital resources via a reliable fiber-optic lines and VSAT technology.

Hospitality and Catering Services

SU has a diverse range of catering outlets across our campuses. Our cafes and restaurants, which are conveniently located right on campus offer food choices whether you want to grab something on the move or you fancy to treat yourself for a more proper dining experience, rest assured that you will find something that meets your individual needs. Whether you crave a samosa, or you want to order your favorite spaghetti dish or you just want a cup of tea with cinnamon or cardamom, you will find something that whets your appetite. The university’s catering services ensures that students, faculty and staff continue to receive best value for their money at pocket friendly prices.

Student Wellness

SIMAD places student wellbeing at the center of its core services. We care about our students’ overall wellbeing by recognizing them not just as students but also as human beings with unique needs, challenges, goals and emotions. Student wellness is holistic and we therefore consider all aspects of student life: physical, mental and spiritual. They are involved in various sport activities and they can go to the mosques around campus for meditation, prayers and for spiritual reawakening. Our students are couched to ease their mental stress and develop their ability to adapt and effectively deal with academic and life challenges.

Through various activities and services, SU students lead a happy life and have the support that cultivates the confidence they need to realize their full potential. Our students work consistently on their life goals and have a sense of purpose in life. Throughout their academic career at SU, our students develop success skills of being resilient, independent, well-rounded and balanced individuals.

The Campus Mosque

As part to its commitment to create an environment that supports holistic wellbeing, SU mosque plays an integral part in enhancing wellness and promotes peace from within across our campuses. It is that special place where our students go for spiritual renewal and nourishment as well as gathering supernatural wisdom. Strategically located near the student center, the campus mosque has separate prayer halls for both brothers and sisters. It also serves as a great place where you meet new people or catch up with old friends.

Computer Labs

Our computer labs are available across our campuses to support and enrich the learning experience of our students.
The extensive technology infrastructure and the wide range of technology support systems give students the opportunity to gain hands-on practice working with technology. Students, faculty and staff are welcomed to drop in at any time during university’s working hours.