SU History
Mar 14

SU History

As a leading postsecondary institution in Somalia, SIMAD offers students an ideal environment to pursue their academic studies, priding itself on excellent infrastructure and state of the art technology located on a peaceful and collegial campus.

SIMAD University offers a diverse range of international standard undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various disciplines offered by the university’s faculties, academic departments and institutes: Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Computing, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Law and Institute of Modern Languages.

SIMAD University was established to fulfill a set of core objectives that include the provision of sustainable, quality education and research output of the highest standards and to also contribute to the development of the nation by meeting the needs of all stakeholders as well as preparing learners for their lives after graduation.

The culture and experience of SIMAD University have played an important role in the professional and personal development of its students. SIMAD will continue to contribute to Somali society by facilitating an environment conducive to higher learning and providing facilities for personal and professional growth.

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